Top Ten Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy!

by admin

Top Ten Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy!

Whether you’ve been trying to conceive for years or immediately became pregnant after the first try, how do you tell your loved ones when that moment finally arrives? Listed below are ways that patients have shared regarding announcing that special news:

  1. Invite your husband and/or family to a restaurant and then ask the server to bring a baby’s high chair for the future family addition.
  2. Create an announcement card from your first prenatal sonogram picture.
  3. Send a stork or baby balloon to your husband while he’s at work.
  4. Announce it in the form of a Chinese fortune cookie.
  5. Buy a baby’s outfit and give send it to your parents.
  6. Hand out pink and blue carnations the next time you visit your parents.
  7. Give your parents and husband a new family tree with an additional branch.
  8. If greater than twelve weeks, record the sound of the fetal heart tones at your OB provider’s office and then play it for your husband and/or family members as a surprise.
  9. Put your positive pregnancy test in an obvious place where your husband won’t miss it.
  10. Buy greeting cards that refer to your parents and grandparents and your husband as “Dad.”

Whether it’s your first pregnancy or the nineteenth (as in the case of reality-show mom Michelle Duggar), every pregnancy is meaningful, so make sure you make the grand announcement in a unique and special way.