Top Ten List: The Baby Barfed Where?

by admin

Top Ten List: The Baby Barfed Where?

Everywhere but the burpie cloth!

Top Ten Places I Never Expected to Find Baby Barf:

  1. Running down my cleavage and pooling in the fabric of my bra waiting to drench my stomach.
  2. Dripping from the seam of my dining room table where it pulls apart for a leaf.
  3. The back of the couch … the part that is not accessible due to it being right up against the wall and windows.
  4. Inside the bottom drawer of the refrigerator.
  5. Completely drenching my husband’s watch, as if he marinated it in a bucket of barf.
  6. Dripping down the back of my calves into my socks and shoes.
  7. The foot pedals of the elliptical machine and the innermost workings of the wheels.
  8. Inside a brand-new purse … that had just gotten filled with everything I own.
  9. Computer keyboard.
  10. Directly into the mouth from flying baby superman position. Hey, I warned my husband about that one.