Tori Kropp Shares the Joy of Pregnancy (Part 2)

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Tori Kropp Shares the Joy of Pregnancy (Part 2)

We continue our interview with Tori Kropp about her new book for expectant parents, The Joy of Pregnancy. This is Part 2 of a two-part interview. 

Q: It seems like there are new books for expectant parents coming out all the time. How is The Joy of Pregnancy different from other books? 
A: It is warm, contemporary, practical, and fresh. Because I actively work with pregnant women, the information is absolutely current and sound. I present information in a non-judgmental way so that women have the resources to make decisions that are best for them. So many books focus on the negative possibilities. Why is it that there is so much polarization in how women should experience their pregnancies and especially what should and should not happen during labor and birth? There are so many “opinions” about what the “right or better” choices are. The truth is that all those opinions do is create guilt for women. Of course, we want to do what is best and it’s simply unfair for women to feel as though a reasonable choice they make is not the “right” one.

I focus on the realistic experiences that women may have and describe it in a positive way. I talk about how normal most of what women experience is. I also share a lot of myself in the book and it is very personal and honest. My goal with The Joy of Pregnancy is to help women in the most non-judgmental way possible prepare for their babies. The book is fresh, uplifting, funny, and empowering.

There are certainly other really great books out there. I simply encourage potential readers to give this one a look to see if it is right for them.

Q: Can you tell us what readers will find in the appendices at the end of your book?
A: Thanks for asking that. I love the appendices. There are four of them.

  • Appendix A condenses advice from throughout the chapters. Included are lists and ideas for everything from “choosing your childbirth options,” “ways to survive morning sickness or bedrest,” “practical baby shower gifts,” and “specific labor support techniques for the partner.”
  • Appendix B is a month-by-month checklist of things to do.
  • Appendix C includes a wide variety of books that I, as well as women with whom I have worked, have found to be especially great.
  • Appendix D is a listing of helpful organizations for parents and parents-to-be.

Q: If there was only one piece of advice that you could impart to an expectant mother, what would that be?
It is something that a close friend of mine who has three children said to me when I was pregnant. To this day, with all the work I have done, it still resonates with me as wonderful advice. She said, “Don’t wish away your pregnancy or those first sleep-deprived months. One day, you’ll wish for them back.” This is so true. I loved each stage of Alexander’s growth, but some days, I wish he still had tiny feet.

Q: Where can readers find a copy of The Joy of Pregnancy?
A: The Joy of Pregnancy is widely available wherever books are sold, as well as at Target, Babies R Us, and on Amazon.

Q: Do you have a website where readers could find out more?
Yes, I have a professional Web site, as well as the book, and we have a wonderful online community website called Stork Site.

Q: What is up next for you? 
A: My dream is to bring about a change in the negativity that is so often portrayed about childbirth in this country. More than 95 percent of women today give birth in a hospital and I want them to look forward to their births instead of worrying about it being a negative experience. What I am really enjoying now is being able to passionately reach out to this audience and share what the book has to offer. I plan to work hard on getting the word out that women can and deserve to feel empowered by becoming mothers. I want to help women capture back more of the joy of this incredible time.

Q: Is there anything you would like to add?
A: I just want to say, come join me. I welcome women to read and learn and take from the pages of The Joy of Pregnancy anything that they find to be helpful. Feel free to leave the rest.

“The ride is great. There is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman. Babies are unbelievable, and humor is the ingredient that keeps us sane and happy.”

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Thank you for joining us, Tori. I wish you great success. Thanks so much for allowing me to share all of this with you and your readers.

Warmly, Tori Kropp