The Touch of a Sweet Angel

by admin

The Touch of a Sweet Angel

Today is a bad day and more bad news for me. It’s been half a year since my mother’s mom was on bed, and I gave a little support every month as help for my grandma’s needs. But times are very hard right now, so I almost can’t support her already as my father has been out of the job for two months. I shoulder all expenses now. In addition, I received a message from my aunt that my ill grandma’s sister died the other day. It was a real shock for us because we expected and readied ourselves thinking my ill grandma would probably die before one of her sisters. This grandma used to visit and watched my ill grandma at night sometimes. We truly never know when a person’s life will end.

I am remembering now, she is the grandma who gave us, her granddaughters, advice to pray and be devoted to Mama Mary, Jesus’ mother. Yes, all my grandmas are very devoted Catholics. She said to us that we should ask Mama Mary for the husbands we wanted and we should not be ashamed to ask her about what kind of a husband we would like (if he is handsome, rich, kind, loving, and more in good character). And Mama Mary will grant it! And yes! I followed her, actually, and took her advice; I asked Mama Mary and Jesus for the husband I wanted (handsome, muscular body, and even not a rich guy, just have stable and good earnings, very kind and generous to my family). And he is, God gave me all what I prayed after a year of making a devotion in Quiapo Church, Manila.

Farewell Grandma, we love you very much! And thank you for your advice and inspirational stories. Now, you can join Jesus in Heaven and live the life of eternity! I am very sure that she will go in heaven as how she dedicated her life to God and been devoted to Mama Mary and Jesus!

Furthermore, I am very tired today. I just wanted to get some rest and more sleep. Moreover, I’d like to take some trip away from here. My son just woke up then from his siesta and he is in a bad mood too. I tried anything to stop his tantrums as I need a peaceful atmosphere at this moment. I just gave him some potato chips, milk in a bottle, and some honey crackers. I then made a cup of coffee for me, added more Coffee-mate creamer.

We stay on the bed while eating. And I just watched my two-and-half-year-old son while sipping his milk. Yes, he still preferred the bottled feeding. Some kids, or most, I guess, enjoy bottle feeding more, though they are already in prep school. Am I right? Then my son took the biscuits after his milk and I finished my coffee too. I gathered the dish and brought to the sink. I feel thirsty and get some cold water. Why is it that we get thirsty after drink a coffee? Have you felt the same too?

After I drank one full glass of water, I got one more for my son and placed it beside him. I lay my aching back on the bed and just continue watch my son. He now drinks the water and takes some breaths before emptying the glass. I told him to lie with me and we just stayed on the bed while he was locked in my arms. I gave him kisses and he kissed me back, and we hugged each other tightly. My son started rubbing my arms, then he began massaging me.

Aww, really this angel is so sweet! Although, there is no energy producing his massage, still feels so good! An innocent touch can truly calm a wearing soul. He always makes me alive again, raises my spirit, and melts the hurt and pain I feel … He always brightens my days!

After he did some more strokes, I then massaged him. I rubbed his back, his arms, his legs, and possibly aching muscles. I adore my son so much. His muscular arms and legs are already showing up/forming in his body. That is why, I am very sure on how a muscular body he will have when grows up. I imagined how he will be a good soccer or football player, even a rugby player! I have a brother who is a very big basketball fan. He is dreaming for his nephew to play in NBA league and become a star athlete, and he is confident about it (he started teaching my son to shoot the ball in the basketball net). But one thing I am sure, any sports he choose to play he will be good at. And we’re always there to cheer, support him, and will encourage him all the time (even in a losing game).

My son got almost all the features from his dad: his hair, nose, chin, face, shoulders, arms, hands and fingers, tummy (even butt actually … lol), legs, and feet! Yes, except his eyes, which got from me. His dad has a blue-green eyes, and I would prefer that color for our child, but he got brown eyes like mine, which are a dark brown color. Then the lips are combination with mine and his dad—the upper lip is mine, and the lower lip is in his dad! But entirely, some say that it is mine and his dad’s mixtures, as many saying as well, that me and my husband has many same features. But it was like a very pure white milk and will add some coffee then, and that is me (lol)!

Seems my son likes to rubdown his body and he needs it actually. Aside from the benefits could get from regular massage of his body, he is a very energetic kid! He tirelessly played the whole day, and also tirelessly messes up, and breaks my things: my magazines, photo albums, CD and DVD collections, and my figurines and vases! He is such a silly boy but very cute too! As well a very sweet angel! After I massage him, I asked him to walk over my back, hips, and legs. After he was done, he lay down back in my side and kissed me. Through these years, we never sleep separate or apart, and I never let him stay in his crib all night. So he never sleeps with someone else even if it’s his grandma. He also freaks out if I am gone in his eyes and always check out our room if I am just stay there. If he found I wasn’t there, he will look all our rooms and shouting “Mommy!?” in hysterical voice! The last room he’ll look then is the toilet and he will then exclaim, “Ah, Mommy just take a poo!” (Though am not actually and just peed … lol).

He already saw me crying many times, and what touches my heart a lot is when he will cry too and repeatedly ask, “Mommy?” in a very worried voice. One time he caught me. He paused from completely entering the room, watched me for a moment, and then left. I was surprised then when he came back and hugged me tightly! I also feel his small right hand rubbing my back (like what I do when he is the one crying). I then promised to myself to not cry if in front of him! I will never ever want to let him see me crying again or in sorrow! He gets too worried for me and he is mature already in his years. He already understands the emotions and feelings of the people around him. This is what I noticed about him, he seems to know that this person feels hurt and not okay when cries (like when he is the one who cries). Glad that he starts realizing things in his very young age.

But he is such an angel! He is the closest person that makes me happy every day, in all my struggles in life! He is my inspiration to live on every day and keep moving on in this life. I will make sure to protect him from unfairness and cruelty produce this world to his life! I will guide him, and nurture him to have all the weapons he should have to become a strong person and to fight all his life’s circumstances! So if I leave him early and surprisingly one day, he could stand alone without any needs of mother’s touch in his life. He is the best thing ever happened to me! My sweet angel, Devon Shawn, my son, my forever baby!