Toy Safety – Be Informed

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Toy Safety – Be Informed

Being a parent of young children can be a bit frightening right now. Every time you turn around, there’s another toy recall. I seriously thought that we were well beyond the days of lead paint. It really sickens me that we have to worry about lead! I understand the recalls for small parts or things that fall off the toy easily. It’s definitely not a good thing, but it’s more understandable than lead paint.

If you’d like toy recall updates, sign up here. In addition, there’s a ton of information on the cpsc.gov site. If you’d like an easy to view list of toy recalls, go here.

Some basic tips for buying safe toys:

1. Check the recall lists BEFORE making purchases. It’s amazing some of the toys that get recalled.

2. Make sure the toy(s) you’re buying are age appropriate (there are reasons for this folks).

3. Skip the toys with really small pieces. You may think that your son or daughter would never ingest a toy, but I’ve seen small parts get stuck in kids noses and ears and that’s not fun for anyone.

4. Check all attached pieces to make sure they’re really secure (eyes, noses, accessories, etc.).

5. Avoid toys with long strings and straps.

6. Assess the toy carefully and imagine the absolute unimaginable things that can happen with the toy and/or its parts. Kids are very creative and if there’s a one in a million chance that they can hurt themselves, they will figure out a way. It’s sad, but true.

7. If all else fails, by “green” toys!