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Toyota/Lexus Update

I posted a note on this car I bought, the Camry XL, after their minivan (I have twins) and after the Lexus. I’m sure you have all heard about the “acceleration and inability to stop” problem, the bogus mats, the bogus brake fix. Okay ... since I have had this car it has surged over five times (going slow) but that is when you don’t know if their is damage to yourself. I have a bulging disc ... okay ... but my seven-year-old was in the last accident. It was a fender bender; the car surged! She kept complaining about neck pain, after x-rays, specialists, she eventually had to have an MRI and as of yesterday where they found a fractured disc, they fitted her in a neck brace with the hope to stave off potential surgery. This is a very happy, athletic girl who is now sad, depressed, embarrassed, uncomfortable. Toyota DOES NOTHING. Except sell more cars telling the world they are safe, (they are not) then giving people all sorts of incentives to buy. The Congressional hearings have ended and results not yet in, but this part is true: they knew they were selling defective cars (saving money) and only tested 60 percent of them (saving money) and then cheered how they saved 100 million dollars in doing so. 

This is my daughter; as this thing was put on yesterday for a minimum of 1-2 months before they can re-evaluate.


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