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An Ultra Instagram-Worthy Inflatable Unicorn Island Actually Exists

A trip to the Philippines for an inflatable unicorn rainbow island? Done.

This story originally appeared on by Lauren Pardee.

Calling all unicorns! We have officially located the motherland, and our rainbow hearts can’t handle its greatness. Instagram-worthy pool floaties are great and all, but they’re nothing compared to Inflatable Island, the biggest floating playground in Asia. This massive, Instagramable haven is the unicorn utopia we never knew we needed—it seems our prayers have been answered.



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This tropical Neverland now spans over 36,600 square feet of water, which is basically equivalent to eight basketball courts placed side by side one another. Between the inflatable slides, towers, bridges, human launchers (WHAT?!), and swings all covered in a rainbow explosion, this is everyone’s '90s Lisa Frank fantasy realized.


My kind of place 💗

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The greatness that is Unicorn Island doesn’t even compare to the insanely large floating playground as seen in this aerial shot. Does anyone else have a vast emptiness inside of them now that they know this place exists, and have yet to go?

Inflatable Island Aerial View

Hypothetically, if anyone ever needed a break from the inflatable promised land, they have the pleasure of relaxing on the beach in the incredible Pink Bali Lounge, a fully decorated beach oasis filled with colorful loungers and beach umbrellas—although we will have a full-blown Tom Hanks Cast Away moment if we ever get the chance to strand ourselves on Inflatable Island.



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The park located in Subic Bay in the Philippines is about $9.60 for full beach access and an hour of inflatable playtime while the whole day pass is just over $16—making this place even more magical than it already was.


My inner child is SCREAMING!!! 🌈😱

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Some things are too good to be true—and luckily, this is not one of those things. Who else is thankful to live in a world where unicorns are basically real?


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