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Your Perfect Summer Vacation Destination Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Picking a vacation destination can seem nearly impossible. Leave it to the stars to decide your next getaway. Find your ideal escape based off of your zodiac sign!

Aries: Bagan, Belize

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As an independent and energetic sign, an Aries woman needs a vacation where they can constantly be on the move. Bagan, Belize is full of adventure and will give this zodiac sign a run for her money!

Photo: Dennis Jarvis | flickr

Pisces: Juneau, Alaska

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Our Pisces friends love to be able to escape, and as a definite water sign, Juneau, Alaska is the perfect getaway for them. It's away from everything, but still gives this curious and adventurous sign plenty to do!

Photo: Joseph | flickr

Scorpio: Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

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Scorpios are known for their intense love of nature, and when they vacation they need to truly unplug to fully recharge. The Lapa Rios in Costa Rica gives the Scorpio a chance to wake to the sounds of the jungle and explore the surrounding rain forest, while also giving the option of relaxing on secluded beaches surrounding the lodge.

Photo: Lapa Rios Website

Sagittarius: Bagan, Burma/Myanmar

4 / 12


Our Sagittarius friends tend to enjoy freedom, philosophy, and are enthusiastic in their curiousity and open-mindedness. Bagan, Burma is a fantastic getaway for this sign as it features the largest and densest concentration of Buddhist temples, pagodas, stupas, and ruins in the world.

Photo: Martin Sojka| flickr

Capricorn: Aoraki Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand

5 / 12


As a more conservative and practical sign, it's good for the Capricorn to be reminded of the immensity of the world around them sometimes. The Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park in New Zealand is the perfect place for them to take a family vacation and surround themselves with the ones they love most!

Photo: Tristan Schmurr | flickr

Aquarius: Taveuni, Fiji

6 / 12


As a tried and true humanitarian, the Aquarius sign's ideal vacation is one that gives back at the same time, AKA: "voluntourism." By taking a trip through GoVoluntouring, the Aquarius can book a vacation ver to Taveuni, Fiji to work with locals on reforestation projects while snorkeling and enjoying the gorgeous landscape in their freetime.

Photo: Bjorn Grob | flickr

Taurus: Cannes, France

7 / 12


Tauruses are known for their eye for beauty and the finer things. As notoriously being good at finances, they tend to splurge a little more on vacation and go toward the more luxurious trips. Cannes, France gives them both beauty and a high-end stay!

Photo: Jennifer Kuo | flickr

Gemini: Croatian Islands

8 / 12


With a Gemini, you never know what you're going to get. This can make vacation-planning tough, but by traveling to a place that gives a plethora of options—like making your way through the islands of Croatia—will ensure that this zodiac sign is never bored!


Cancer: North Cascades National Park, Pismo Beach, California

9 / 12


Somewhere low-key and laidback is ideal for this sign that tends to not relax easily. Pismo Beach in California provides stress-free activities like horseback riding and exploring tide pools and caves as well as providing plenty of space to unwind.

Photo: mLu.fotos | flickr

Leo: Ibiza, Spain

10 / 12


A Leo's energy needs to be where the action is. An Insta-worthy trip to Ibiza will be filled with parties and FOMO-invoking experiences that will be sure to please this fiery sign.

Photo: GanMed64| flickr

Virgo: Cape Town, South Africa

11 / 12


Virgos love their schedules and are total perfectionists, so a vacation destination that will allow them to choose plenty of different activites and simultaneously hone a new skill is ideal. Cape Town is South Africa's most cosmopolitan city and has tons of things to enjoy for the most choose-y of Virgos!

Photo: David Stanley | flickr

Libra: Kauai, Hawaii

12 / 12


Libra's peaceful demeanor and love of romantic destinations makes Kauai, one of the main Hawaiian islands the ideal retreat. The options of both hiking and lounging will bid well for our Libra friends!

Photo: Robert Linsdell | flickr

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