Trick or Treat Without the Calories

by admin

Trick or Treat Without the Calories

Halloween generally signals the beginning of the high-calorie holidays. First, it’s Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and before you know it, you’re feasting your way through the festive season.

As enjoyable as all the feasting is, it can also be frustrating for some, especially those who are trying to watch their weight. Now I’m not saying that you should be watching your weight during your pregnancy; definitely not! But I do strongly encourage you to still take care of yourself, eat healthy foods, and exercise whenever possible.

So many women use pregnancy as an excuse to let go, indulge, and then of course, are depressed when they can’t take their weight off afterwards (which does affect baby, too!).

And then, staying off chocolate is not only about extra calories. Both your baby and your esophagus will thank you.


Your baby will thank you because chocolate is just empty calories (not much nutrition there!), and your esophagus will thank you because chocolate is a natural laxative making your pregnancy-heartburn way worse!

So, let’s start off the first of the high-calorie holidays on the right foot—and here’s exactly how to do it:

1. Avoid bringing candy into your home, especially your favorites. If you want to have some around for trick or treaters, choose ones that you know you don’t like so you’ll be less tempted. (And if you do give in, you’re not likely to eat the whole bag!)

2. Eat in full view of others. This is a big one, especially for those of you who like to get rid of the evidence—you know what I mean!

3. Be selective. If you are going to eat chocolate, make sure it is your absolute favorite kind.

4. Put all of your food on one plate. This is a really good one; put your food on a plate and sit down to eat. So much of the food we eat is done mindlessly, e.g., standing up or while we’re actually preparing it. Bring awareness back to your eating and you’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes, not to mention you’ll avoid gaining those extra unnecessary pounds!

Remember: your need for a chocolate treat is emotional, not physical (i.e. the kind of hunger that makes your stomach growl!). Do your best to ignore it and if that still doesn’t work, try a distraction. And if, after all that, you find you absolutely cannot hold off, take a small bite of your favorite chocolate and then move on!