True Confessions: I Just Have No Pinterest

by admin

True Confessions: I Just Have No Pinterest

Am I going to be the first woman in America to admit that I have no Pinterest in the Pinsanity?

I do believe I might be the only person in America seemingly not caught up in the furor of Pinning.

According to a recent article “Pinterest in the 16th most visited site in America—ahead of CNN and ESPN.” In addition Pinterest drives more traffic to women’s magazines than any other social media website.

It’s been called “crack for women.” “Fantasy Football for women.”

I think we all need a Pintervention.

For one thing, the LAST thing I need are more decorating, crafting or recipe ideas. I need MORE time to do the ones that I have.
I’ll admit, I’m not a big decorate-y person.

  • I had to hire someone to pick my paint colors.
  • I dragged three friends to help me limit my tile options so I could make a choice without having a nervous breakdown.
  • I screamed at the person who came to sell me blinds when she showed me 11 shades of white. “WHICH ONE GOES WITH THE WINDOW YOU ARE LOOKING AT?”
  • My beds and couches are pillow-less. Otherwise, they need to be taken off and put back on each and every day.
  • My walls have the bare minimum of art … and all of it is portraits of my children.

New recipes? How about time to make the ones I have…or more importantly, someone who wants to eat them? I have a family who is happy with tacos/spaghetti/chicken stir fry … repeat.

And while I love the crafty ideas … they never end up looking the way they do in my head.

And yet…I was a late adopter to Facebook. My blog is only a year old. And I JUST joined Twitter!

Will I go to the dark side? Will I start pinning? Pinpossible!