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Twenty-Six Ways to Get Your Teenagers to Stop Talking to You

  1. Interrupt.
  2. Correct them.
  3. Raise your voice.
  4. Cry.
  5. Question their intelligence and judgment.
  6. Criticize them.
  7. Don’t take them seriously.
  8. Use sarcasm.
  9. Lecture them.
  10. Speak condescendingly.
  11. Tell them they are wrong, misinformed, or immature.
  12. Talk more than you listen.
  13. Compare them to other kids: Why can’t you be like ...
  14. Tell them how worried you are about them.
  15. Bring up something they told you out of context later.
  16. Offer solutions that they did not ask for.
  17. Punish them based on what they disclose to you.
  18. Try to manipulate them using guilt or shame.
  19. Remind them that you are in charge.
  20. Be a hypocrite: tell them to do as you say, not as you do.
  21. Lie to them.
  22. Demand respect, but don’t give it.
  23. Betray their trust or confidence.
  24. Refuse to acknowledge that everyone makes mistakes at times.
  25. Bring up a list of transgressions from the past to help you prove your point.
  26. Predict a negative outcome for their future.

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