Twice the Blessings

by admin

Twice the Blessings

October 31st, 2007–New Year’s Eve

The day dawned with the loud insistent voice of my daughter announcing the fact that my youngest was being prepped for the birth of her babies. Throwing the bedcovers off and racing to the shower, I completed my preparations in what seemed like only seconds. Reaching for my jacket and cell phone I raced down the stairs and into the car towards the hospital,  praying I would get to see Shawnah before she went to surgery. Of course, upon arriving at the parking lot, no one was there to give us a ticket—did they think we have time for these irritations when the twins were on their way? 

We finally parked and rushed to the main entrance only to be told we could not go up to the 2nd floor, unless security gave us permission to go—now a mad dash for security, breathlessly asking for a pass, and off we went again—in search of mom and dad … On the 2nd floor we spotted “dad” at the end of the hallway, awaiting permission to go into the surgery area and be with his love. He was shaky and apprehensive about the procedure and what was about to happen next. All of a sudden, the nurse said “Adam, it is time to go,” and off he went. The clock seemed to go slow, and then in a matter of minutes, the nurses were wheeling out the two most gorgeous girls I had ever seen!

Laryssa and Lily were right in front of us and from their incubator, Laryssa reached her tiny hands towards us, like she was greeting us for the first time! What a moment! I felt as if time was suspended, and in those moments my heart flipped over and over, never to be the same! They were finally here with us and they were beautiful. God blessed us on the last day of 2007 with two precious and very cherished babies, an extension of the love between Adam and my daughter Shawnah. Our prayers continue for my daughter and her new family as they reach for each other and grow closer with every passing day. Watching Shawnah with her girls reminds me of how I so cherished her as a baby. My heart swells with pride as she bends her head, murmurs sweet sounds in her girls’ ears, knowing the circle continues to embrace and enlarge with love unfettered, unconditional. Thank you God for covering my child with such sweet protection and love, thank you angels for ministering to her, and surrounding her with these two sweet  blessings from God’s heart. The sounds of her laughter mixed with their cooing sounds is angelic and music from the heavens above. Welcome to our world, Laryssa and Lily … may you find your way with strength, compassion, and most of all love!


An added explanation—When Shawnah and Adam went for their ultrasound, after learning they were having twins, they also were given some heart-wrenching news. She was carrying identical twins that were diagnosed as monochorionic-monoamniotic—which means that they were not only in the same sac, they would both be fed from the same placenta (most twins each have their own placenta). Complications could include: cord entanglement, lack of the proper amount of amniotic fluid, and twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome). This syndrome could cause one twin to receive all of the necessary nutrients thereby causing the other twin severe difficulty, and failure to thrive. This diagnosis brought with it daily monitoring of heartbeats, amniotic fluid, ob appointments, and nutritionist appointments, as well as Shawnah working a forty hour a week job. Needless to say she kept all of her appointments, ate well, and managed to maintain her job for a long time. Their spirits stayed positive, both very supportive of each other as well as being supported by our families. The girls are still residing in the neo-natal intensive care unit of Women and Infant’s Hospital here in Rhode Island, and are doing extremely well. They have gained weight and have passed their birth weights of three pounds, thirteen ounces, and all tests have been very good, thus far! Mom and Dad visit daily for their feedings and care, as well as cuddling and holding their little miracles close to their hearts. We are so grateful for all of the prayers and good wishes sent our way, and we know that their angels are keeping them safe and protected every day. Miracles are still happening and will continue to happen as long as we continue to pray and believe!