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Twin Strollers: Where to Start

For anyone who is expecting a set of twins, deciding on the right twin stroller can be as involved as buying a new car. You want to choose the right one, but where do you start? Here’s a helpful guide to finding the perfect double stroller to suit your family’s needs. 

The Tandem (also referred to as “front to back”) Style: 


  • Will fit through all standard doorways.
  • Are easier to maneuver in tight spaces. (Think about getting around clothing racks or crowded isles)
  • Some models will accommodate two infant car seats. A great help during the early months and perhaps their best feature.
  • Most have cup holders and/or small cubby compartments on top and large storage baskets underneath.
  • A few models have the option of arranging the seats backwards or facing each other.
  • Most have separate trays in front of each child which can sometimes be removed if preferable. This offers the benefit of each child having their own personal space as well as a spot for snacks or toys. 


  • They tend to be a bit heavier than side-by sides.
  • Only the back seat reclines fully.
  • Some children will not like sitting in the back seat, as it hinders their view.
  • It is a little harder to keep an eye on the child in the front seat. 

The Side-by-Side Style: 


  • Both seats fully recline, helpful for twins napping at the same time.
  • Each child has the same view.
  • Parents can easily see and monitor both children.
  • Somewhat less bulky or heavy as a tandem.
  • Have more stability. 


  • May not fit through all doorways.
  • Are a bit harder to maneuver in tight, narrow spaces.
  • Will not accommodate two infant car seats.
  • May cause issues with bickering children. 

Now that we have gone over the pros and cons of both types of twin strollers, there are a few other things to consider. There’s a wide range of prices for double strollers, so you’ll want to chose one that fits your budget. You can save money by searching second hand shops. Also, be sure to check the dimensions of a potential stroller against the trunk or cargo space in your car. You don’t want to end up with a stroller that won’t fit or is too hard to get in and out. And, lastly, think about how long you plan to use your stroller. Look at the maximum weight and height of a child that the stroller will accommodate. Some models won’t work well beyond the first couple of years, especially for bigger/taller children. 

Originally published on Twin Pregnancy and Beyond

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