Twin Teen Drivers

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Twin Teen Drivers

License to terrify! Help … my twins have their driver’s permits!

If you are a parent who has children under the age of fourteen, you may want to just clip this post and file it away for a while; you still can wait a few good years to read this. If read too soon, the stress of this post may keep you up late filling your mind with worries you may not be ready to think about just yet. If you are parents who have a soon-to-be driver and/or teens who are driving, just take a big deep breath and jump right in!

How many parents have been shuffling their own lives around to accommodate their kids’ busy schedules? We all look forward to the day when we are able to log more hours on land than in the car driving our kids around. We daydream about what we will do with all that free time as soon as we can hang up our chauffeur cap. Sorry to say it’s just a dream, because the nightmares all start as soon junior asks, “Can I drive?” Yes, soon you will have to pass your keys down to the next generation, and you had better be ready for the ride of your life.

It is the best of times and the worst of times:

  • While your teen is in Driver’s Ed, they will clean their room, do their laundry, pick up after the dog, and do anything you ask. Why? Because they want to drive!
  • While your teen is driving you around, you will reach for the wheel, brace your body for turns, and soon notice how bad every other driver is on the road.
  • While your teen is in Driver’s Ed, they will converse with you about anything, tell you they love you, and actually be seen with you in public places (as long as they can drive there)!
  • While your teen is driving, they will recognize all their friends on the road. They will slam on the breaks when they notice a police car, but unfortunately they won’t notice the curbs!

I have two older teens children who are driving, both with totally different driving behaviors. Child one will let me listen to my radio station when I’m in the car with him. He will drive slow and be courteous to others on the road. He will listen to my driving hints and tips even though he has his license, and even thank me. Child two knows it all and can only can drive well while listing to her own station. She will have strong reactions to your little helpful driving tips, and knows more about driving then anyone else who ever lived.

So enjoy those years between diapers and driving. Because the first time you hand over your car key and your child drives away on their own, you will be overcome with almost as many emotions as they day they were born.