The Twins Are In (or Out?)!

by admin

The Twins Are In (or Out?)!

Well it finally happened. All the excitement and patience finally paid off. April 16th I was sitting at work bored not really sure what to do. My back was hurting like crazy and the pain was sharp and coming at intervals. I was excited. Then it stopped … I didn’t know what to do. All I wanted was to just get the pregnancy over with. I was at thirty-five weeks and four days. I was tempted to go to the hospital but I knew they loved to send the overweight overly anxious expecting moms right back home. So I waited. Hell I had an appointment the next day anyway … I had waited this long …

So I went home … did my usual complaining to Hubby. He just looked at me and shook his head as if to say, “what can I do?” Hormones made me want to slap that smug look off his face. This was my fault just as much as it was his. I finished off the night with nothing to report. Just that ultra dull pain in my abdomen. I remember thinking … maybe it was something I ate. The next morning however it was no better … in fact it was worse so now I started thinking, gee, maybe its something I didn’t eat. So on my way to drop hubby to work before my appointment I stopped at McDonald’s and picked up a hash brown and some orange juice. Still nothing. I was beginning to privately panic.

As we pull up to his job around 7 a.m. I just nonchalantly tell him I’m in pain and he says, “well, watcha gunna do?” Thoughts of punching him in his face flashed across my mind then and even now as I type this. But I refrained. Instead I told him I’m not worried because in a few minutes I will be at the hospital getting my daily checkup. Men can be so insensitive.

Sensing that this could be it, I decided to call my mom and tell her to go with me to the appointment. Instead of going straight to the hospital, I went home picked up my overnight bag and then picked up my mom. I went to the hospital and checked in to my appointment around 10 a.m. Of course in a stunt that could only be set to aggravate me, they had scheduled me for a NST before I could actually see my physician. But this action is probably what got the ball rolling.

As I was laying there sipping my apple juice, all I could feel was that dull pain. Finally after about thirty minutes the nurse comes to tell me that both children failed the NST and that I should probably go straight over to see the physician. So the Doctor starts asking me all these questions and I’m not registering any of them … she finally decides to just check my cervix and she just starts looking at me like she’s not sure what to do so I ask her what’s going on and she tells me I’m four centimeters dilated and she wouldn’t feel right to send me home so she is going to admit me. I was so happy! After that, everything was pretty much a blur.

I can remember crying because I was nervous that they were going to just admit me and try to stop the dilating. That would probably put me over the edge. Anyone who has been pregnant with twins knows that in the later stages of a twin pregnancy anything can trigger all the emotions that are built up and can easily cause mass destruction. After what seemed like an eternity they gave me and IV and so began the process of an interesting labor.

Hours began to pass. My mouth was so dry. But I was on a limit of one cup of ice per hour. They had started the Pitocin … I could feel every contraction. Finally at about 1 p.m. my best friend came in the room and decided to put me out my misery. I don’t even know his name … I just know when I saw him standing there in those drab blue scrubs wheeling in that sterile tray that contained my epidural I wanted to hug him. But I couldn’t. Just feeling that medicine make all the pain disappear was magic to me. I’m still amazed by the powers of the epidural. I’m even more amazed at the people who opt not to receive one during labor and delivery.

Once I received the epi, I was on cloud nine. The only thing I was waiting for was the Hubby to come so I can share a few words with him. I had called him and told him I was in labor, all he kept saying was, “Are you sure?” and “you’re not joking right?” Finally convinced he made his way to me. I remember him asking me what I wanted him to bring me and I told him I wanted him to sneak me a Big Gulp from 7-Eleven full of Hawaiian Fruit Punch. When he got to me he had an Arizona Fruit Punch. I was pissed. I look back now and it’s funny but at the time I wanted to choke him. Instead I chalked it up and we proceeded with the labor. Around 10:30 p.m. I had to receive more epidural because for some reason I could feel pain. So my bestie came back and he injected more into my IV. No luck. He pushed in a little more … but it wasn’t working … he did it one final time and that’s when I told him I don’t know what’s going on. My legs were numb but I could still feel pain in my canal … so the nurse comes in and she checks and she goes” Oh, no wonder you can still feel pain there’s a head here.” It’s funny now … but back then I didn’t find it very amusing.

I thought I’d be rushed to the OR (they always deliver multiples in the OR just in case). Instead minutes kept passing and then finally at like 11:20 we made our way to the OR. All the while the nurse is telling me these stories of how sometimes one twin is born so late that the other one crosses over into the next day and they have two different birthdays. I was telling her that I didn’t want that to be me so put a rush on it. Twenty minutes later I start pushing. It felt like so much work. But finally at 11:45, my son Camren was born at 5 pounds even 17.5 inches. Wouldn’t you know my other son took his sweet little time and twenty minutes later he was born. Yes, at 12:06 on April 18th Camden was born at 5 pounds 14 ounces and 18.5 inches. At the end of it all I was so happy that I didn’t even care. They were so beautiful.

Now that the whole ordeal is over I am kinda happy it turned out that way. Not only were they fraternal, they look and act totally different and they don’t have the same birthday. It makes it easier for my fiancé and I to help them be individuals. I’m just so happy it’s all over. My sons will be four months next week and they are doing well. Stay tuned for an update coming soon.