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The Twins’ Letter to Their Parents

Dear Mom and Dad,

Just wanted to let you know we are excited to meet you in person. We have been listening to you guys for a while now, and really want to look into your eyes. We want to know if we look like you, Dad, or both of you. We are doing well growing here in your tummy; it does get a little crowded, but we work it out between us. The meals have been great: all the orange juice, grapes and peaches we can eat! Mom, you sure seem to have a lot of friends. Someone is always congratulating you on being pregnant with us, to us it sounds like we are celebrities. Dad seems like a really funny guy; he makes you laugh, Mom. We can’t wait to smile and laugh at him too.

And WOW, those dogs! We can’t wait to see them and run and chase them even curl up next to them and nap or watch TV.

We hear you talk about us and how happy you are to have us growing inside you. We like it when you go in to that place and you get to see us on that screen. Although sometimes we get camera shy. We know you have chosen to not know if we are girls or boys, so we won’t tell you either. We think that is great that you chose it that way, then we can all be surprised together on our birthday. And we also wanted you to know that we may be a handful at first, but we will make it worth your while. When we look into your face and recognize you and dad and coo with contentment, that will be our gift to you.

We know carrying us isn’t always easy and we make you tired, breathless and we make your feet swell, we apologize for that. But God told us that will be the least of your memories of us. We feel your heart beat and know it is strong and full of love. You do what is best for us and sometimes rest at work and drink lots of water, we are very thankful for that mom. You already put us first in your life, that is what being a mom is about we are told. Just know we love you two already. We are so glad God chose the two of you to be our parents.

See you soon!

The Twins

Written By: Jeanie Marie Houchin

For: DeLynn and Matt Shedlock

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