Two Great Leg Toning Exercises for Pregnancy!

by admin

Two Great Leg Toning Exercises for Pregnancy!

Are you looking forward to sporting your favorite leggings, short-skirt and shorts?

If you just belted out a BIG “NO,” I don’t blame you! As much as we’d like to believe that our bodies will just go back to normal post-delivery, it just isn’t the case.

However, here’s where I beg to differ from the other 95 percent of women . . .

 . . . it absolutely IS possible to get your body BACK to what it was pre-pregnancy (if not better!), you just need to know HOW to do it – and that’s not hard because I’m going to share just that secret with you!

But before we get to the part about how we’re going to get you your yummy mummy body….

I’d also like to add that whether you’ve gained fifteen pounds or seventy pounds, do not lose hope! With the right program you CAN and WILL be back to your shape (or maybe even better like I did!).

In fact, pregnancy may even work in your favor. Take it from me alone. My skin got better, my back end got smaller and I lost the cellulite that was permanently taking up residence on my thighs.

If you’re rolling your eyes right now saying, yeah right, this is just another sales pitch, it’s NOT!

OK so it didn’t give me a six-pack, getting that required some effort. But the point is – ask most moms and they will tell you that pregnancy CHANGES your body (straight hair gets curly etc.) and some women actually find themselves weighing less than they did PRE-PREGNANCY!

Here's the Two Exercises . . .

Just three times a week for the next six weeks you’re going to be doing LUNGES and PLIES. And if you add a little plyometrics (jumping) in there, you’ll accelerate your weight loss even more (suitable for AFTER pregnancy)!

And here’s HOW to do lunges and plies:

1. Stationary Lunges (moderate) – Stand with your feet together, step one leg forward (big step), hold on to a wall or railing, dip down to the floor, keeping your front over your front ankle (do not let your knee go further out than your front toes!). If you feel a strong pull in your back thigh, release your pelvis by sticking
your bum out a little bit and then dip down towards the floor. Do not bend past a 90-degree angle with your front knee. Repeat twelve to fifteen times each leg.

2. Plies (moderate) – Stand with your feet together; take one medium step to the side, and slowly squat down towards the floor, making sure your knees stay over your ankle. You never want your knees to protrude over your toes, so concentrate on pushing through your heels. Also, make sure you squeeze your bum to keep your knees from coming forward. Again, you want your knees to be over your feet. Repeat twelve to fifteen times each leg.

Oh I almost forgot, when your plies get easy, add in little controlled bounces of fifteen at the bottom of your squat, then add in little knee presses to the back (all done continuously without standing up!).

(Please note: Before you begin any exercise program you should consult your local health care provider.)