Two Lower Body Pregnancy Exercises

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Two Lower Body Pregnancy Exercises

For many of us, the thought of having to get dressed and go to the gym (not to mention the horrible smell) is enough of a deterrent to not exercise.

Lucky for me I knew how to modify my workout so that it was something I wanted to do while at the same time safe and beneficial. My workout of choice was swimming and deep water running, which was a great solution for me because it was quiet, easy on my joints, and extremely refreshing!

But if you’re not into getting wet or going to the gym, don’t despair. I’ve got the perfect at home full body workout that is extremely easy, fun and effective. Plus it’s perfect for all fitness levels.

Home Exercises

(Please get your doctor’s okay before you begin this or any exercise program.)

Before you begin, it’s important to warm up (5 to 10 minutes of anything cardiovascular).

Now that you’re pregnant, your warm-up is absolutely essential because it prepares your body for exercise by getting your blood flowing, lubricates your joints, and delivers oxygen to your muscles so you won’t hurt yourself or pass-out!

Remember, pregnancy is not the time to push yourself, but rather to maintain your existing level of fitness. Once your baby has arrived, you can get back into your more intense workouts!

Home Exercise #1: Glut Raises
Lie with your upper back and neck on the ball, slowly drop you bum towards the ground, keeping your abdominals tight, slowly lift up squeezing your bum (glut muscles) until you’re parallel to the floor. Repeat 12 to 15 times.

Note: If you can, after the first set, without resting, add 12 to 15 little bum squeezes/raises at the top.

Home Exercise #2: Plies (with Kegels!)
Stand with your feet a little more than shoulder width apart, toes pointed outwards. Slowly squat down towards the floor, making sure your knees stay over your ankles at all times. Do a kegel at the bottom, then squeeze your bum, press your knees back, and come up to standing.

Repeat 15 times. For extra intensity, hold at the bottom (knees bent) and then do 15 baby bounces.

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