Two to Many

by admin

Two to Many

I’m a twenty-two year old mommy. I got pregnant at the tender age of eighteen. I seemed to be the only one excited about it, my mom of course was disappointed, but she didn’t put all the blame on me. I enjoyed my pregnancy very much. I loved the shape of my belly, the kicking everything about it. Well not “everything.” I was one of the lucky ones who threw up twenty times a day, which was okay cause I gained only ten pounds during the entire pregnancy. Nothing tasted the same anymore. I seemed to have traded cheeseburgers in for steak … a lot of steak.

I was not during the pregnancy patient, I’m not good at being patient. First I couldn’t wait until my belly grew, then I couldn’t wait until I got to know the sex of the baby, then I couldn’t wait until it kicked. So it was a very long pregnancy. When the nine months showed me at 3:30 in the morning that they were up, suddenly it felt like they came too fast. I was feeling excruciating pain in my legs and back. I’m pretty sure I might have thrown the baby up that morning. My mom was checking on me every once in awhile. The pains were every two minutes, and I didn’t know that I was in labor. My mom asked me if I wanted her to stay. I said no. I didn’t want her missing work cause of me, so my mom left. By 5:00 I decided to take a bath, because I remembered that the nurse told me that if I was having fake contractions to either take a warm bath or lie down on my side to make them go away. Took a bath … didn’t work, lay on my side … didn’t work. Then thank God Luis (the baby’s father) walked in. He had perfect timing because right when he walked in, I started bleeding. I had a short panic attack, then we left. It was raining and Luis was freaking out.

We got to the hospital, we walked up. They got me a room, and the nurse checked me. I was already 6–7 centimeters. I was very happy to see my mom walk in the room and then my doctor came in. After a shot of drugs and five pushes later I had my baby boy Andre’ aka Baby Dre. He was seven pounds, three ounces and 19 and 3/4 inches. It was so surreal, I felt like I was dreaming. And after I realized I wasn’t I couldn’t help but smile.

Andre’ is now going to be three in January. And I am currently pregnant with baby number two. I’m only a few weeks, so another impatient pregnancy ahead of me. My baby was predicted a girl on one of those Lunar Chinese calendars. Yeah I believe in that, because it was right with my son. So I’m confident in having a baby girl and I can’t wait.