The Two Sides of Rebecca

by admin

The Two Sides of Rebecca

My daughter Rebecca is getting close to the age of eighteen. I love her more than life itself and would do anything for her, within reason of course. She has been out of rehab since June 2006. It was for major drugs and alcohol. As a parent who never did drugs it was hard for me to understand how she could be involved in using cocaine and drinking until it almost killed her. The year before she went into rehab she almost died due to alcohol consumption at a friend’s house. Thank the Lord that she lived, an angel was definitely on her side that night. 

She entered rehab February 15, 2006 and did not get out until June 24, 2006. It was very hard on her but I think it was just as hard on me. I was without my babygirl—the only time I could visit was on Saturdays from 12–2 p.m. The other day was Thursday but the rehab center was a two hour drive away so that was not possible. Only one Saturday did I not go to see her and that was only because they went on a fieldtrip that day and would not be there for the usual visit time. They were not locked in and some did leave but were caught and brought back. She was very indignant at first but came around fairly quickly. Her dad and I are divorced and he would see her on Thursdays but sometimes he would come on Saturday and I would leave and let him have an hour then spend the last hour with her. I think sometimes we did it the other way around, but I don’t really remember because it didn’t happen often. Others in her family visited, her grandmother on her dad’s side, her Aunt Debby and Uncle Rick, and her Aunt Beverly.  

They have a ceremony for them on their release day. I knew I would have to bring a box of Kleenex, but left them in the car! Everyone in the rehab gets a turn to say something about Rebecca. She had a lot of influence and several of the girls were crying throughout. One mother even came over after the ceremony to tell me how much Rebecca had helped her daughter in her recovery. Parents that are there to see their kids are allowed to say something as well. Mostly it was just something short and sweet, but many of the mothers were more vocal. I wanted to go last, well second to last, as Rebecca would be the last one to speak. I was so proud of her and knew that she had made the correct decision to stay off drugs and alcohol for good. 

Her speech made all the girls cry and most of the mothers, myself included. My daughter is a very gifted speaker. I didn’t realize how gifted until that moment. My babygirl was finally back to the way she was before she became involved with drugs and alcohol. She got there all by herself, none of us did it, she did it all on her own. As much as we all wanted her well and off drugs, the only person who could decide that was what was right would be Rebecca. 

Currently she is working and has a great boyfriend. He started seeing her shortly before she entered rehab. We stayed in contact while she was in rehab. We spoke frequently on the phone. I came to know him quite well and felt that he was a good choice for Rebecca. 

Rebecca’s life is on the right track and she hopes to become a therapist and help teenagers that are going through what she went through. She feels that since she actually experienced drugs and what they do to you both mentally and physically that she could better relate to them. Have I said how much I love her? She is the best daughter in the whole world and I would give my life up for her. She will always be my babygirl.