The Un-Chore Chart

by admin

The Un-Chore Chart

In a moment of inspiration and complete desperation (and maybe even a bit of work procrastination), I sat down at my computer and typed up a daily chore chart. One for the Girl. One for the Boy.

To make it easy on everyone, it only had seven chores listed. They would rotate. The Boy would do the chores on every odd day. The Girl on the even days.

I then took the time to laminate the charts. How I even had laminating sheets, I don’t know.

So the kids came home from school. I showed them the charts. They didn’t really flinch. I told them we would start on May 1. An odd day. The Boy’s day.

On May 1, he accomplished two of his chores. On May 2, the Girl did one. On May 3, I told myself that we were still getting used to the charts and would get the knack of it soon.

And today, on May 30, I don’t know where the charts are. I haven’t known since May 4.

Guess that’s why the kids didn’t flinch. They know who they are dealing with.