Unable to Conceive

by admin

Unable to Conceive

I’m not sure how many of you my story will connect with, but I know that I’m not the only one who has experienced something like this. I’m thirty years-old and have been married for four years. We would like nothing more than to have a piece of heaven here on earth. I would have two but I miscarried both. After our first year of marriage we were both happy to find out that we were expecting, but according to what the doctors said my stress level was extremely high.

I was working eight to ten hours a day at Town and Country and didn’t know that I was pregnant until I was six weeks pregnant; the stress of lifting fifty pounds or more took its toll. I miscarried at eight weeks. A year later, not trying, we were expecting again. Scared, happy, and not knowing what to expect, we started on the road, getting more and more excited. Then bad news happened again, my husband ended up in the hospital with a compound fracture to his right leg. He had emergency surgery in the middle of the night and spendt over a week in the hosptial. Of course I stayed with him and didn’t get the rest or complete meals I needed to keep my energy up. I was working, taking care of all his needs, and trying to keep up with house work.

We then decided to move from the little town we lived in to a bigger one where I could make more money and be closer to my side of the family. So on top of everything else I was packing and getting ready for the move. Long story short we moved and things were starting to look up for us. Then again I miscarried at twelve weeks. This all happened two years ago and things are better now, except we haven’t been able to conceive.

I have heard many stories about other women who have gone through something like this—getting pregnant and miscarrying, then not being able to conceive again. The only difference is that I am running out of time. I only have two years medically before it starts being even more difficult for me. So if you have advice, or something you think might help, please message me. I’m open to suggestions.

Thank you.