Unconditionally Loving Me

by admin

Unconditionally Loving Me

Most women I know have been raised to serve and please others. From an early age, they have been trained to take a major role in all the family matters, even though their tasks have been hidden under a patriarchal tree. I was raised in the same way but somewhere along the path, I managed to escape. But traces still remain.

While driving yesterday evening, this thought suddenly hit me. My grandmother’s image came to my mind and I was finally able to understand her in a whole different way. Although she was the spinal core of the family, she always put herself first. This was her secret to manage all the ups and downs keeping a family involves. We cannot give and share what we cannot possess; we cannot give love if we don’t love ourselves unconditionally. That was her strategy and it worked.

As you read these lines, think about the last time you had “me time.” When was the last time you did something for yourself, simple things like taking a walk, going to a spa, closing the door and reading your favorite book, dreaming your best dream that is already there for you to touch? Have you felt selfish when feeling the desire to just be you for a day? Probably you have; I use to feel the same way until I realized that I was the most important person in my universe. Time has proven me right.

In the long run, your family and the people who love you and care for you would be happier if you are. They will respect your time because they will be the ones reaping the benefits of a woman who loves, cherish, educates, cares, and values herself first.

What then are you doing today to reclaim your sacred power as a woman? What would be your first step into an amazing new you? I begin each morning by looking at my reflection in the mirror, giving thanks for one more day in paradise where I am able to keep weaving my life in gratefulness.

Elizabeth Kbloer-Ross once said, “The ultimate lesson all of us have to learn is unconditional love, which includes not only others but ourselves as well.” Today, love yourself unconditionally—make the intent to be happy and listen to the words from above.