Under Construction: Hard Hat Area Ahead!

by admin

Under Construction: Hard Hat Area Ahead!

So the girls have been having such a blast with their Ocean Box that I decided to expand our play repertoire with a new addition to the play room. We now have an Under Construction Box. Mini-Saurus is a die-hard Bob the Builder fan and the Frog Princess has always wanted to follow in her handy-daddy’s (work boot) footsteps.

The girls had a blast in their hard hats today shoveling, loading, and unloading their mini gravel quarry. We had quite the menagerie of construction vehicles at our house and another empty under bed box in my storage area in the garage. The girls and I ventured over to the Dollar Tree this morning to spend $5 on five mini bags of rocks to fill the site. They have been playing with it non-stop all afternoon.

The Frog Princess’s kindergarten teacher was over here last night for a scrap-booking crop and loves my Ocean Box so much that we spent part of the evening brainstorming different centers for her classroom based on their thematic units of the year. I picked up some Pumpkin Patch materials (courtesy again of the fabulous Dollar Tree by our house) for their fall unit. The kids will have fun raking miniature leaves, stacking mini bales of hay, and learning about the life cycle of a pumpkin with their observation journals and some fake pumpkins, vines, flowers, pea gravel or bean “soil,” and some pumpkin seeds to “plant.” You should see the mini farm they’ll be playing with later this spring! The winter box I’m working on for the girls will be made in triplicate: one for our house and two more for the two kindergarten classrooms at her school.

If you make one of these for your house or classroom, I would love to hear about it!