Understanding the Varieties of Gifted Children

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Understanding the Varieties of Gifted Children

First and foremost, if you think you have a gifted child, you should seek a qualified psychologist who specializes in gifted children, and have your child tested. If your child is determined to be gifted, you need to be his/her advocate to ensure all of his/her needs are met and his/her educational goals are reached.

What giftedness really means has been discussed for centuries. The exploration, by a researcher involved in the study of mathematically talent youth, considers that giftedness may take many forms. The Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth at John Hopkins University is one research project that has attempted to define giftedness in its domains. Mathematically talented students have been identified at early ages through achievement tests. Specialists in gifted children research are looking at more subjective ways for evaluating giftedness, consistent with theories of multiple intelligences. Parents and schools should do everything they can for a gifted child, providing them the special, supplemental, and accelerative education experiences appropriate to their abilities and interests.

There are as many varieties of gifted children as there are gifted children. Many gifted children shine with excellence, but others, are not so easily identified. Many children express their giftedness by asking constant questions and putting their hands to work in everything they touch. A lot of these children maybe difficult children and will never be identified as a gifted child. Some children may hide their giftedness to avoid being teased and taunted by other children and playmates. Some gifted children may have a learning disability and the disability will totally mask their giftedness. Some gifted children live in economically or socially disadvantaged areas, and their giftedness may never be recognized or valued.

Children who are considered gifted children need to have mental stimulation. These children can become bored and this can lead to them shutting down. Children who are gifted needs to learn differently than other children. Gifted children like a challenge and new teachings to keep them alert and interested in learning. A lot of these children do not perform good study skills, and therefore, when they are placed in a challenging learning situation, they may suffer because they have not learned the skills for studying.

Many gifted children don’t fit in with a crowd of children because they feel they are different and something is wrong with them. These children also need to interact with others because it teaches them other children have differences too. Be a parent and a listener with a gifted child because this will help them to survive with their gift. 

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