Undisciplined Children

by Susan Humphrey

Undisciplined Children

I am so tired of seeing children misbehave and parents make excuses for them. This behavior starts when the children are young and it carries with them as they grow. My friend thought it was so cute when her child was a toddler and we would go into a restaurant and she would put him into a high chair and then ask him and I quote, “Can mommy go to the bathroom? Mommy has to potty.” I was so sick of this I the last time she did it I spoke up and said if you have to use the bathroom, go to the bathroom, you do not need permission from a three-year-old to use the bathroom. She got upset with me but she walked away from the table; he started to fuss and I gave him that “you better not” look that my grandmother used to give me. He shut up and sat quietly until she was back in his sight then he wanted to cry and make a fuss.


Had this been my child I would have, at that point, taken him out of the high chair, politely told my friend we would have to make it another time, taken him to the car, popped his rear end good, put him in his car seat, and taken him home. I have more than likely offended some of the parents out there when I said popped his rear end but that is just the way it is. I got my behind spanked growing up; I was not abused but I knew what a switch, belt, and paddle were and I knew when they would be used and the decision was mine as to whether I wanted a spanking or not.


My children were raised the same way and they were very well-behaved children. They can talk to me about anything but they knew growing up I was their mother not their friend. You cannot be your child’s playmate and their disciplinarian; it does not work that way no matter what form of punishment you use. I did have one child that felt like when he got older he could make his own rules. He was fifteen. I found out he had skipped school. He knew that skipping school would get him a spanking even at fifteen. When I was about to spank him, he made the mistake of drawing back his fist and hitting me when he did we fought like two adults. He is quite a bit larger than I am when he thought he had me down and was asking me and I quote, “Who do you think you are, am I too big for you to punish anymore?” I spotted a baseball bat within my reach I grabbed it and commenced to wailing on him with it. I came out of that fight pretty bruised up and with one black eye. My son, however, came out bruised up and five stitches in that hard head of his. Now a lot of you think that I was wrong, but their father died when they were young and I raised the three of them alone and I always demanded the upmost respect. Now, ten years after that incident, I can honestly say that my son never missed another day of school without permission. My oldest is a girl she now has her Master’s degree in social work, and is helping me put her hard-headed brother through medical school. I am proud to say that he is in his second year at Brody School of Medicine, and my baby girl is also an ECU working on her Bachelors degree in nursing. My son has never since this incident spoken a disrespectful word to me at all. He is real quick to tell you that his mama will really split your wig if you raise your hand to her.


Now I told this story so that with no doubt you know what I think should have happened when I was in Target last week when a child asked his parent for a toy and she said no. He threw the toy at her then proceeded to lay on the floor and kick and scream. That would have been one of those days to go to the car and get your bottom popped and go home without anything.