The Uniform of Motherhood

by admin

The Uniform of Motherhood

Don’t get me wrong, I am not looking for a new young love, but wouldn’t it be cool to be that hot momma … The one that not only the men look at, but the one the younger crowd thinks is pretty cool too …

“Frumpy” is a word I used before I had kids to describe those moms who wore the uniform of motherhood. The uniform being their husband’s sweatshirt, the comfortable jeans, the sensible shoes, and the convenient oversized purse that doubled as a changing room for small children. I now wear the uniform of motherhood daily. That’s who I am, I am a mother and I am frumpy. As I write this cloaked in my “sponge bob square pants” pajama bottoms, with a comfy old night shirt and pink over sized sweat shirt, I realize I am not a hot momma. I would love to say this isn’t my normal attire, but alas, it is. I have yet to invest in “mom jeans” thankfully. You know, the elastic waist band, the one you always see your grandmother wearing. I will on occasion wear something that looks nice, but will still scream, “I am a mother of three!!” I have fallen prey to motherhood. But now, even as I prepare for work, I find myself dressing in the uniform … the bulky sweater, the comfortable pants, and the sensible shoes.   I have several outfits that might look good on me, a few short skirts, and some v-neck tops, and I think “I can’t wear that!” But why?

What do hot mommas have that I don’t? Do they ever wear the uniform? They must have to wear it at some point to play with their kids. So does that mean I can sometimes wear the hot momma uniform? I have been exercising, eating right, and actually feeling better about me, so why not go for a little more risqué look, for the v-neck button down instead of the turtleneck sweater.

I think I might invest in a new uniform tomorrow … Watch out, this frumpy mom is going to become, one hot momma!