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Update to November Cycle, Part 2

Okay, so I got the negative beta on Wednesday in the morning and then Wednesday night I got what I can only explain as implantation bleeding. It was only one time when I wiped and was a light brown color mixed in with my cm (TMI). I had cramps all evening and half the day on Thanksgiving and now they are gone. I am just wondering if it is possible to have a negative beta at 10 dpo, implant late and end up actually pregnant. If anyone has had this situation I would love to hear from you. My AF is not due until at least Sunday. My cycle is usually twenty-eight to thirty-one days long, never shorter than that and this month it started on October 28th. I know I am probably holding out hope for a less than bleak situation but I can’t give up until the fat AF sings! I am only doing two more cycles and then we are giving up so the situation is getting urgent.

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