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A Very "Full" Nest

I was thinking recently, when the four of us were all about five feet from each other, all doing different things, that it will probably be a long time until I have an empty "nest." More than one of my friends have kids that are graduating or have already graduated from high school. I have friends whose kids are even already married!!! They are around my age (or younger). I'll be 50 next July :) It took me several years to find my "Prince Charming." I was in my early thirties when I had Lauren and my early forties when I had Dominic. The hubby likes to tell people he had a kid every decade (my stepson in the 80's, Lauren in the 90's and Dominic in the 2000's)! I think it blows a lot of people's minds that he has a son in elementary school (my husband has a big birthday later this year that starts with a "6" and ends with a "0"). I want our home to always be a place where my stepson, Lauren and Dominic always feel welcome. Our door is always open. My hope for Dominic is that he will live independently of us, but I am also realistic. He may always live with us :) I moved in and out of my parents "nest" a few times until I moved out permanently to get married. I hear more and more in the news about children that have moved out and have had to move back in because they weren't able to afford living on their own. Sometimes they bring their own children back with them. It's not uncommon these days to have more than one generation living under the same roof. What is your "nest" like right now, full or empty?? or somewhere in between??

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