Want to Reduce Your Chance of Burglary?

by admin

Want to Reduce Your Chance of Burglary?

Who wants to have the creepy burglar choose another house? Nobody.

Here’s your simple action step: lock your doors and windows.

What? Really? Is it that easy to reduce your chance of burglary? Doesn’t everyone lock their doors?

The answer is no … apparently not. Because according to the Census Bureau in 2008 two-thirds of burglaries were committed by “forcible entry” and one-third was done by “unlawful entry.” This one-third of burglaries was done by the creeps entering your house by fraud (saying they are someone other than they are) or by coming in an unlocked door or window. Here’s a second stat for you, DC Conway, author of Home Security, states that it’s 20 percent of burglars who don’t have to force entry.

So, why don’t people lock their doors? From personal experience, I know it’s because of a lack of awareness or security consciousness. Just over ten years ago, when I first got married, I was not so security conscious. One night, after a long day’s work, I came into our apartment and closed the door behind me—leaving my house and car keys stuck in the door and we lived in the middle of Los Angeles. What a totally lame realization waited for me in the morning! My lack of consciousness resulted in us having to pay to rekey my car and our apartment door. Thankfully, whoever took my keys didn’t break into our house, so we actually got off easy.

If you want to improve your chances of the bad guys choosing another house, start locking your doors and windows. Change your mental awareness and start keeping your family safe. Take the extra couple seconds to do a mental check when you leave your house. Make it a house rule.