We Have the Power

by admin

We Have the Power

We often hear the debate about having the power. In the news, we hear about people power, songs, and bands are promoted to teach our daughters about girl power.

When I think back to the time in my life when I felt the most powerful, it is a time when I didn’t need or want hundreds of others there with me; I didn’t need the raised voices of the masses to urge me on. I felt the need to turn inwards. To draw on strength reserves I never knew existed, to accomplish the most amazing feat of my life.

I was in a room, a white or slightly beige room, with my husband, my mother, and my sister. There were a few other people there also but I cannot recall their faces, names or exactly what part they played—they are not important. What I can recall, as clear as if it were yesterday, is the part I had to play.

I was twenty-two years old and about to embark on a life-changing adventure. I was in labor and close to giving birth to my first child.

My life had not been one of extreme sport, running marathons, white water rafting or even breaking into a sweat any more than I had to, yet I knew with every breath I took that I was as close to climbing my Everest as I would ever get.

I was talking myself through every contraction, motivating myself to just keep going, keep breathing. My baby needed me to be strong and to give everything I had to bring it into this world.

As the crescendo built and the midwife told me she could see the head, even though I was as close to exhaustion as I was ever going to get, I felt a massive surge of adrenalin. I knew that this was my time.

I was in control here. 

I was at my most powerful.

My whole body was working in perfect time; a well-oiled machine I never knew existed. I imagine this to be how the INCREDIBLE HULK must feel just before he turns into the big green monster.

I have never before experienced that feeling of build up. Taking me to the point where my body felt ready to explode. Luckily for me I didn’t turn green, but I did explode in a sense, I gave birth.

I had the power to carry this life within me for nine months, to labor to bring this new life into the world, and then the power to feed it to keep it alive.

Why is it that when I was pregnant so many women told me,

“Don’t worry about the pain, you will forget it.”

“The pain is unbelievable but it will be worth it, and you do forget.”

 Why didn’t anyone tell me:

“You will feel more alive; with every nerve in you body buzzing with the power of life.”

“You will be exhausted and yet exhilarated at the magical event you have just been a part of.”

Let’s tell our sisters the truth. It hurts; no one is denying this.

For some, the labor will be a scary and not so pleasant experience.

But let’s tell all women that no matter what shape or form their pregnancy and labor takes that they are doing an amazing thing.

The power they have is the power of life. We have the power to be able to grow a life and bring it into this world safely.

Knowing that there are women out there who are unable, for a multitude of reasons, to have a baby, let us never take for granted the awesome power we have.

So the next time someone asks you about you labor or your childbirth, be proud of the super human effort you put in to bring your child into this world.

We have the power!