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10 of the Most Epic Maid of Honor Speeches

If you're trying to figure out how to make your maid of honor speech stand out, or you're just in the mood to feel the feels, you must check out how these best friends and sisters took their "speeches" to a whole new level. Their clever parodies, fun dances and touching words definitely earn them a spot on our list of the most epic MOH toasts.

1. The Rap: Instead of singing, this maid of honor decided to rap for her toast. She busts right into Eminem's "Without Me" while heading toward a groomsman who hands her black hoodie. The rap is filled with more appropriate lyrics like, "Two lovers in love walked down the aisle, down the aisle," and, "This looks like it's meant to be, so everybody just toast with me." Her awesome dance moves and informational lyrics make this toast one for the books.

2. The Performer: This bride's BFF starts off her speech with humor, announcing she's single and ready to mingle as well as explaining she's not good at public speaking, but she was a performing arts major so instead, she wrote them a song. Taylor Swift's "Love Story" begins to play and she starts her parody. Her performance goes through the couple's entire story starting with how she met the bride and ending with how the groom proposed. It will definitely have you feeling the feels.

3. The Dance: Instead of making a long speech, this maid of honor got all the bridesmaids together to perform. They lip synced to the final mash up from Pitch Perfect with each girl taking the mic for a different part of the song. They also incorporate dance moves from the film. It's a selfless way to entertain the bride and get everyone involved so it gets our seal of approval.

4. The Sisters: It's another rendition of "Love Story" but it's a little different because it's the bride's two sisters, one being her twin. They use the song to playfully poke fun of their big sister, but also to tell her how much she means to them. They also create a killer refrain which acknowledges the groom by saying, "We are so happy you finally found each other and we are lucky to finally have a brother." Yup, it's all things a wedding toast should be: funny, sweet and filled with love.

5. The Wig: Never underestimate the power of props. This MOH didn't with her parody toast to "Graduation (Friends Forever)" by Vitamin C. She even gets the best man and father of the bride involved to air strum a violin. She changes "friends forever" to "sisters for freakin' ever" and then ends the refrain with, "Thank God we don't still live together." By the middle of it she has the entire audience clapping along. And us wanting to raise a glass. *claps*

6. The Combo: It's important not to forget about the best man when you give a maid of honor speech. Neither one should outshine the other, and in this case they worked together to give an epic performance to the tune of "Teach Me How to Dougie" by Cali Swag District. Not only do they include the bridal party, but also get the newlyweds off their feet to start dancing. And it's awesome.

7. The Movie Reference: Instead of bursting into song, this MOH decided to pay tribute to one of the couple's favorite films, The Hangover. She recites the entire wolf pack speech that plays at the end of the film, altering a few words to fit the situation. Her pauses and references are spot on, and definitely make the couple laugh, just watch them. Memorable toast: check.

8. The Competition: It's a MOH battle y'all! These sisters were each other's maid of honor and one year ago the current bride gave a toast to the tune of "Prince Ali" at her current MOH's wedding. So her sister wanted to return the favor, saying how she felt a bit of pressure. But by using Frozen's "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" and appropriately titling it "Do You Wanna Know About Sam?" this sister nails her toast. We aren't sure if the other one was better, but we definitely give two thumbs up for this one.

9. The British Rap: OK, warning: she's British so her accent is very strong, but this toast still deserves recognition because it is phenomenal. She commands attention and performs her rap to Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" confidently. And her sister absolutely loves it, as do the rest of the guests. She keeps her energy throughout the entire performance, leading to a well-deserved standing ovation.

10. The Emotional Speech: This speech isn't epic because she sings or crafts a special dance. It's epic because with only her words this MOH brings an entire room to tears, including herself. She uses this time to express how much she loves this couple, and how she's never seen her sister happier than when she's with him. Lastly, she shares some advice she's learned through her own marriage, and expresses how these two are going to have an amazing life together because they are so incredibly perfect for each other. *tears*

Alyssa K. Priebe

Alyssa is an Iowa native who's always loved fashion and found a passion for journalism while studying at Iowa State University. When she's not writing for More, you can find her watching Disney movies, crafting, and snapping adorable pics of her cats, Rory and Widget.

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