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16 Not-Cake Wedding Desserts That Will Make You Drool

Dessert is always one of the best parts of a wedding, but lately, couples are proving that the dessert doesn't necessarily mean a traditional cake. Here are 16 mouthwatering and unconventional wedding desserts that are sure to satisfy any sweet-tooth!

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

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Let your guests pick their (delicious) poison for the night. An ice cream bar, like this one from @spaceevents, is a simple, yet totally perfect way to satisfy everyone at the party!

Photo: @spaceevents | Instagram

S'mores Bar

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Bring the outdoors-favorite inside for your special day with setup like this one from @confettiwedding. Use some Sterno cans to roast the marshmallows over, and watch your guests' faces light up with every bite of these wedding desserts!

Photo: @confettiwedding | Instagram

Macaron Tower

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Honestly, we don't know anyone who doesn't love macarons. And with the ability to have them made in any color, they'll be a gorgeous addition to your decor. Check out our article on how-to make macarons look as picture-perfect as these from @loopstudios!

Photo: @loopstudios| Instagram

Mini Waffles

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Breakfast is acceptable at any time of the day, especially during a wedding reception. These mini waffles are the sweetest way to top off your main dish. Serve them with a variety of seasonal fruits like these from @treatsandafters.

Photo: @treatsandafters| Instagram

Cookie Cake

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It might look like a cake, but we're salivating at the thought of biting into this massive cookie. Chocolate chip cookies are a classic, and when served with buttercream frosting like this one from @popup_wedding, it gets a modern, fun, and delicious-looking twist!

Photo: @popup_wedding| Instagram

Whoopie Pie Tower

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Whoopie pies are definitely not a thing of the past. Give the fan-favorite dessert a fun refresher by serving several different flavors like these ones from @yellowrosesbakery. They're sure to be a hit!

Photo: @yellowrosesbakery | Instagram

Doughnut Tower

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A whole tower of doughnuts is honestly something straight from Heaven. Have them iced with your wedding colors, or leave them glazed; the choice is totally yours! We can't tell you how much we love these ones that spell "Love" from @zolaregistry.

Photo: @zolaregistry | Instagram

Milk And Cookies

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Milk and cookies were a part of every one of our favorite childhood afternoons, so why not include them in one of the best days of your life? You truly can't go wrong, especially if they're served as fancy as these ones from @mens_vows.

Photo: @mens_vows | Instagram

Mini Cheesecake Pies

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They might be small, but these mini cheesecake pies from @toothtalesbydelldyla are bound to be a huge hit. Be careful, though, their adorable-factor will leave your guests hanging by the dessert table all night long!

Photo: @toothtalesbydelldyla| Instagram

Sugar Cookies

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A timeless sugar cookie with you and your forever's initials or wedding colors on the front add an extra sweet personal touch to the day. Check out the gorgeous detail on these ones from @sugarwhiskco!

Photo: @sugarwhiskco | Instagram


11 / 16


We're pretty sure we could eat so many of these eclairs from @saltandsugardesserts that it would add up to an entire cake! Fill them with flavors like coconut, pistachio, rum, or custard for a sweet surprise!

Photo: @saltandsugardesserts | Instagram

German Chocolate Shots

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There's no such thing as too much chocolate, and these German chocolate shots from @sweetandsavory_dc are total proof of that. Prepare yourselves for a chocolate coma, as your guests (and you!) won't be able to help coming back for more.

Photo: @sweetandsavory_dc | Instagram


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A little cinnamon and sugar are just what the wedding-doctor ordered. Churros have that cinnamon-filled crunch that everyone will love. Add a table of optional toppings to really get the party started!

Pie Pops

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These pie pops from @hellosweetiepies are all the taste and delectableness of a pie, without the hassle of a plate. Guests will be able to eat dessert with one hand and chicken dance with the other, so we'll definitely call that a win!

Photo: @hellosweetiepies| Instagram

Cake Pops

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Does it really count as eating a whole cake if they're balled up and covered in a shell of icing? We think not. So grab a few, like these ones from @weddingchicks, and make your way to the dance floor to put to use that delicious sugar buzz!

Photo: @weddingchicks | Instagram

Fruit Cones

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Not really feeling a sugar coma on your big day? Keep desserts light and still fun with fruit cones like these ones from @natureseal. Set up some optional toppings like sliced almonds, yogurt cups, or mini chocolate bars to dress them up even more!

Photo: @natureseal | Instagram

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