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17 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas For The Bride On A Budget

Get your bridesmaids gifts that they'll never forget without totally breaking your wedding budget! Check out these 17 bridesmaid gift ideas for inspiration on what to get your favorite ladies.

Personalized Coffee Mugs

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Coffee is pretty much a must-have on your wedding day for you and each bridesmaid, especially if you were all up reminiscing with all your friends after the rehearsal dinner. Stay awake and get some 'gram-worthy pictures with these personalized coffee mugs!

To buy: @girljar, (varies)

Photo: @girljar | Instagram

Makeup Pouches

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The need for a new cosmetic bag is almost weekly at this point in our lives, so help your bridesmaids out not only on your wedding day, but in their daily lives as well with these personalized makeup bags. They can either carry just the tools they'll need to help you celebrate, or they can put their full, daily regimen into their own adorable zip-up pouch.

To buy: OhHeyItsSarahJean (Etsy), $9

Photo: @ohheyitssarahjean| Instagram

Champagne Flutes

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We can almost guarantee that your wedding day is going to bring about plenty of toasts, so help your bridesmaids look totally fabulous at the head table with these personalized champagne flutes. Feel free to break them in with a good ol' mimosa as the day begins, too!

To buy: LouDeeBelles (Etsy), (set of 10) $100

Photo: @loudeebells | Instagram

Personalized Hangers

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Considering your bridesmaid's dresses were most likely altered to fit their exact bodies, it would be a total mess to get them confused on the big day. These personalized hangers are perfectly thoughtful gifts that will keep everyone's lives a little more organized.

To buy: MamasLittleGiftShop (Etsy), $4.62

Photo: @mamaslittlegiftshop | Instagram

Infinity Bracelet

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Tell your bridesmaids just how much they mean to you with precious, simple infinity bracelets. They'll be able to wear them everyday as a reminder of just how much they mean to you and how loved they are!

To buy: Kinkel Jewellery, (contact shop)

Photo: @kinkel_jewels | Instagram

Adorable Tumblers

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Make sure that no matter what libations your bridal party chooses to consume that evening that they look stylish doing it. Plus the lid on top will help to prevent any unnecessary spills if they should choose to carry it to the dance floor.

To buy: TheMintBride (Etsy), $12

Photo: TheMintBride | Etsy

Post-Ceremony Dancing Shoes

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We know how long you spent finding those perfect bridesmaid shoes, but if you want your ladies tearing up the dance floor alongside of you, they're going to need something comfy on their feet. These personalized flip-flops are easy, personalized, and will slip nicely under any dress.

To buy: @blingtz, $25

Photo: @blingtz | Instagram

Custom Waterbottles

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If you and your honey are set on a summer wedding, you can almost put money on the fact that it's going to be hot outside. Give the gift of personalized water bottles to your ladies in waiting with these personalized calligraphy decals. Bottles won't get mixed up, and you won't have to worry about anyone not staying hydrated.

To buy: Brides and Roses, $4.99

Photo: @bridesandroses | Instagram

Tote Bags

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Make sure your ladies have something to carry all of their day-of things. These adorable tote bags help prevent mixing up bags, and they'll help create some sort of organization in the midst of getting ready.

To buy: BlueSparrowDesignsCo (Etsy), $16.99

Photo: @bluesparrowdesignco | Instagram

Bridesmaid Robes

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Robes are definitely becoming a bride-favorite in the search for the perfect bridesmaid gift. Not only do brdesmaid robes ensure that your team of ladies will have something to get ready in that won't ruin their dresses or mess up their hair, but they also make for some awesome pre-wedding pictures!

To buy: Here'sToLove (Etsy), $18.99

Photo: @herestoloveco | Instagram

Jewelry Bowls

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Give your bridesmaids something practical to help organize their own crazy lives. These jewelry bowls double as ensuring that they won't ever lose some of their favorite pieces and decorating their counter-tops!

To buy: PerfectAndPreppy (Etsy), $5.99/bowl

Photo: @perfectandpreppy | Instagram

Initialed Necklaces

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An initial-stamped necklace adds a personal touch to each bridesmaid's gift while giving them a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear during your big day that's simple enough to go with most dresses!

To buy: SilverStamped (Etsy), $34

Photo: @silverstamped | Instagram

Personalized Flask

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Make sure that everyone has their liquid dancing pants on with a personalized flask from Designs by Jeannette. The best part is that no one will get their drinks mixed up!

To buy: Designs by Jeannette, $44.99

Photo: @photo_designs| Instagram

Sweet Succulents

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Who wouldn't want to be gifted one of these adorably colorful succulent plants? Even for your bridesmaids without a green thumb, they're the perfect choice for a gift for your leadnig ladies.

To buy: TheMessyPlanter (Etsy), $0.60

Photo: @lisajohnsonmua | Instagram

Arthur George Bridesmaid Socks

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As one of the most underrated gifts, your bridal party is sure to adore a bold pair of socks to keep their feet warm and let the world know of their status in your life, while not totally emptying your wallet. Go for different colors to personalize them to each bridesmaid's unique personality!

To buy: Arthur George, $15

Photo: Arthur George

Bride Tribe Floral Sunglasses

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Not only do these rad shades block out all of the haters, but they look totally cool for fun pictures to show off your bridal party's quirky personalities. Plus, they'll help your ladies not squint in the sunlight to protect their makeup!

To buy: Wedding Favorites, $12.25

Photo: Wedding Favorites

Sentimental Mug

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Sipping some hot cocoa or your morning coffee out of your favorite mug is almost like a hug in a cup, and gifting your bridesmaids a mug that tells them how much they mean to you is even better. It's an expensive way to remind your girls that you're with them for life!

To buy: Getting Personal, $9.99

Photo: Getting Personal

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