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26 Easy Personalized Gifts Your Bridesmaids Will Love Getting

Show your friends how much you care with personalized gifts. From helping them spruce up their house with decor items or encouraging relaxation with beauty products, these DIY projects make excellent bridesmaid gifts your girls will truly appreciate—and use!

Agate Coasters

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These beautiful agate coasters will add a flare of elegance to your girls' tables. They can be purchased from Anthropologie, but if you'd rather not pay $98, we have a great copy-cat DIY.

Bobby Pin Case

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Chelsea at Lovely Indeed used gold spray pant, gold craft glue, and a wooden dowel to transform an empty Tic Tac container into this oh so cute bobby pin holder. With this DIY, your girls will no longer worry about finding pins all over their houses and purses; it really is a gift that keeps on giving.

Photo: Lovely Indeed

Matchbook Camera Photo Challenge

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Ensure your bridesmaids make lasting memories during your wedding with a fun photo challenge. Marielle from Magical Daydream turns a matchbook into a camera filled with creative photo prompts. You can use her idea with prompts like "Insta-worthy food" or "Brides Mom" or "Funny Faces" to make personalized gifts that keep your girls having fun all night long.

Photo: Magical Daydream

Fashionable Friendship Bracelet

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Take friendship bracelets to a new level with this chain bracelet from Jenni at I Spy DIY. Jenni weaved suede rope through the top of a gold chain to create the wrap-around affect. She then attached jump rings to both sides and placed a lobster clip between them in order to secure the bracelet. Tip: You can use multiple jump rings to make the bracelet adjustable.

Photo: I Spy DIY

Animal Jewelry Dish

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Give your girls a cute animal jewelry dish to hold their precious pieces. Plus, these make great personalized gifts, because you can customize with each girl's favorite animal. Cats, puppies, penguins—anything goes. Get the directions.

Bleach Pen Tank

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The girls at Wedding Chicks show you how to use a bleach pen to draw designs and words on turquoise tanks. When your design is finalized, wash them on cold for a full cycle and then toss them in the dryer. Your girls can wear these custom tanks to the bachelorette party, while getting ready for the big day and after when they want to remember this special time.

Photo: Wedding Chicks

Coffee Cup Candles

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For the girls who love vintage things, give this DIY coffee mug candle tutorial a look. Lindsey over at Sweet Cayenne created these antique-like masterpieces by melting wax flakes, adding fragrance oils and pouring into coffee mugs with wicks in them. Each candle is unique based on the mug and fragrance you choose, and your girls will love displaying (and smelling) them in their homes.

Photo: Sweet Cayenne

Bath Bomb

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Help your girls unwind after a stressful (you know it will be) weekend with DIY bath bombs. You could even turn this gift into a full spa day by adding a sugar lip scrub and one of these 12 DIY Face Masks to Make at Home.

State String Art

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State string art spruces up any wall. DIY Ready provides a great tutorial to make California, but you can use the same tracing technique for each state. Simply print out and cut desired state, place it on the board, and secure nails, following the outline. Do the same thing with a heart template. Finish by stringing around each nail connecting all the pieces. It takes awhile, but this art looks great and is totally customizable for each bridesmaid.

Photo: DIY Ready

Travel Tic Tac Toe

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This fun idea comes from Diane, the owner of Suburbia Unwrapped. She used cotton muslin bags, paint markers, and rocks to create this easy travel tic tac toe game. It really only takes three steps: draw your board on the bag, paint x's and o's on the rocks and place them inside the bag. This a cute way to make sure your girls are never bored while traveling again. Be sure to add a "You Rock" tag to each one to really show your appreciation (and make a great pun).

Photo: Suburbia Unwrapped

Chevron Earrings

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Your girls will love these trendy chevron dangle earrings. And you'll love how easy they are to make! Gather your supplies: chevron connectors, gold chain, jump rings, earring hooks, needle nose pliers, wire cutters. Then connect each piece, starting with the chevron pieces. For the complete tutorial, check out DIY Chevron Dangle Earrings.

All-in-One Laundry Bombs

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If your girls love all things fresh and organic, then this DIY laundry bomb from Popsugar will make a great gift. The bombs use several ingredients to create an all-in-one stain stick, fabric softener, and laundry detergent bomb. It gets their laundry clean, cuts back environmental waste and shows you appreciate to their eco-friendly side, win/win!

Photo: Popsugar

Personalized Doormat

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Forget boring doormats with standard "welcome" written on them. Your bridesmaids deserve a cute, customized doormat. Al you need are a few basic supplies and a coir doormat. Get the full tutorial here.

Layered Monogram

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Monograms are another great way to make personalized gifts. And this creation, from Tonya at Love of Family and Home, gives the standard letters a crafty update. Tonya layered scrapbook paper, a wooden plaque, a piece of art, and a wooden letter onto a burlap canvas to create this beautiful monogram design. You can use any colors you want, but we really like how the light blue complements the light brown.

Photo: Love of Family and Home

Gold Jewelry Holder

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For the girls who prefer more elegant decor, create this gold jewelry dish. You'll be surprised how easy it is to actually make. Raid a seondhand or thrift store for interesting glass goblets and adorn with some lace and spray paint. Get the full tutorial here.

Marble Candle Votives

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These marble candle votives may look expensive, but with the tutorial from, you can make them yourself for mere dollars. Remember all those marble nail tutorials? Well, it's the same idea. Simply add a few drops of nail polish into a container filled with water, dripping in more colors as needed. Then, drag a toothpick across the surface to swirl it. Lastly, dip your votive, rolling it around so all sides are covered.

Photo: HGTV

Cute Tissue Holders

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Mason jars are a crafter's best friend, and the mother behind Landeelu came up with a clever way to transform them. By using scrapbook paper, an X-Acto knife, and scissors, she created this decorative tissue holder. Your bridesmaids will definitely thank you for their personalized gifts every time they say "Bless You".

Pearl Cluster Necklace

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Special occasions call for pearl necklaces, and you can give your girls a beautiful one with this pearl cluster necklace tutorial. Stick gold headpins in each of your pearl beads, using needle-nose pliers to twist wire to create a hook. Next, thread ribbon through each of the hooks. And that's it! See...easy!

Decorative Potted Plant

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Jess Viera created an easy (and beyond sassy) vase for succulents. Your bridesmaids will love receiving this decorative gift. All you need to do is cover the clay pot in white matte paint, let it dry, and add whatever details and fill with succulents. We absolutely adore the face she made here, but you can customize it for each girl with fun patterns and designs.

Photo: Jess Viera

Pocket First Aid Kit

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From blisters thanks to those heels to sore muscles, it's going to be a stressful day. But don't fret, give your girls these clever pocket first aid kids created with Altoids cans from One Good Thing and they'll be ready for any injuries that come their way. You could try one of the other four emergency kits on her site, the sewing one is sure to come in handy.

Photo: One Good Thing

Homemade Recipe Book

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Everyone loves food, and a personalized recipe book is just the way to share that love with your bridesmaids. Fill your pages with your favorite recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and cocktails. You can use a binder to organize, or you can get crafty like the ladies behind Maya Road Design did with this Farmhouse recipe book.

Photo: Maya Road Design

Cocunut Rose Body Scrub

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Give your bridesmaids this coconut rose body scrub from Lulu's a few days before the wedding so they can have smooth, silky skin for the special day. Place it into decorative jars and get ready for them to love you. Pst, no harm in creating some for yourself too ;) Get the scrub recipe and make a batch today.

Photo: Lulu's

Personalized Sharpie Mug

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Countless of bloggers made personalized mugs from sharpies, but this heart design from Bren Did, really stands out. She traces the handle onto paper, folds it in half, and cuts it to create her heart-shaped template. Next, she tapes the template to the handle and mug and uses a gold Sharpie to dot around, spacing the dots as she moves closer to the handle. You'll want to bake your mug at 350 degrees for 20 minutes to set it.

Photo: Bren Did

Scented Sleep Mask

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Another gift idea from Popsugar, this soothing sleep mask will help your girls unwind after long days. In a mixing bowl, add rice and fresh herbs like Rosemary, mint or lavender, but you can always ask for favorite scents. Trace a pair of sunglasses to create a template for cutting your fabric. Next, sew the fabric and fill with the baked rice mixture. Lastly, attach an elastic headband to it. Sounds complicated, but your girls are sure to love it!

Photo: Popsugar

Bottles of Bubbly

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How cute are these glittered bottles of champagne from Something Turquoise? Answer: super cute. And your bridesmaids will agree. Get a few bottles of Bon Affair, tape over the logo on the side, coat in adhesive, add glitter all around and secure tags with ribbon. The personality comes in the tag, the site has some great free printables including "Bubbles for My Bitches" "Cheers to You" and "Thank You". Yup, your girls will definitely enjoy this one.

Photo: Something Turquoise

Colored Wine Tumblers

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Everyone loves wine tumblers, so give this lovely DIY gift to your favorite women. You can use the pink and white like Vicky Barone did on her blog, or you can use your wedding colors. Use paint tape to create sections, and paint each one individually, let them dry and then add another layer as needed. Repeat for the second color. Tip: always layer the lightest color first, that way your colors always layer properly.

Photo: Vicky Barone

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