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DIY Wedding Centerpieces: Floral Cloche

Fall in love with your wedding centerpieces with this rustic-inspired arrangement you can make yourself using supplies found at a crafts store. The really great thing about these centerpieces? They'll look great in your new home, too, so save one for yourself to decorate your space and as a reminder of your special day for years to come.

If you are looking for an easy update for wedding centerpieces, try this boho floral arrangement. Inspired by a rustic outdoor vibe, we combined a few of our favorite materials to craft this floral cloche centerpiece.

DIY Floral Cloche Wedding Centerpiece

Start by gathering the supplies you'll need. If you're going to make several of these wedding centerpieces, try hitting a wholesale florist's-supply shop for a multiple-quantity discount. The shop should have the moss and flowers you need and may even carry the tree stumps. Otherwise, check online sources for the cloches and tree slices to see if you can find a bulk price that keeps costs down. 

  • Tree stump slice (available at Michael's Craft Store)
  • Foam brush
  • Leafing adhesive
  • Gold or copper leaf
  • Dry brush
  • Clear glass cloche
  • Florist's-foam base
  • Table knife
  • Moss (available at Michael's Craft Store)
  • Fresh flowers and greenery (mums, dusty miller, filler flowers)
  • Scissors

DIY Floral Cloche Centerpiece Supplies

Because you're going to be working with adhesive, it's a good idea to protect your work surface before you begin. Also, because you're using fresh greenery and flowers in this centerpiece, you can't create these too far ahead of your wedding day. Try assembling them two or three days before your wedding and putting them (or at least the floral portion) in the fridge to prolong the life of the fresh elements. You may also want to have some extra stems on hand so you (or a friend) can replace any wilted ones on your big day.

DIY Floral Cloche Centerpiece Steps 1-2

1. Start with a small tree stump. You can find one in nature or a crafts store. Ours is 1 inch thick and 12 inches in diameter. Using a small foam brush, apply leafing adhesive to the bark edges.

2. While the adhesive is wet, press copper leaf into the adhesive. Some of this will stick and some of it will not. Work your way around the bark, adding the leafing where needed. Let your copper leaf dry for about 20 minutes; then brush off excess leaf using a dry brush.

DIY Floral Cloche Centerpiece Steps 3-4

3. Start building the floral centerpiece on the tree slice. The size of the florist's foam used will depend on the height of the cloche. (Our cloche was 12 inches tall , and the florist's foam was about 2 inches tall.) You want the foam to be large enough to hold the stems you'll be inserting but not take up too much space on the stump slice. You can cut your foam to the desired size using a knife. Set the florist's foam on your tree slice and use moss to cover the foam.

4. Gather greenery and flowers for the arrangement. Create an arrangement by pushing the stems into the florist's foam. Keep checking as you work to make sure the blooms will fit comfortably under the glass cloche once it's in place. Use moss to cover any of the florist's foam still showing.

Add the cloche and you have a romantic and rustic take on a floral wedding centerpiece. Here's a Pin-able version with all the steps and a finished image:

DIY Floral Cloche Centerpiece Step-by-Step

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