Weekend Journey

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Weekend Journey

It was the weekend of July 4, 1948. We were leaving for our annual visit with my granny, aunt, uncle and all ten of their children.

I was six years old and to young to understand the true meaning of the day. However, I did know the colors being displayed were red, white and blue. I had a new dress to wear and it was all of those colors! It had a little shoulder strap handbag that matched the dress. I loved the dress and wore the colors proudly!

It was one hundred miles to my Granny's house. Traveling in our old car on the narrow two lane roads was a journey in itself. It was July hot in Georgia so we had our heads hanging out of the windows, gasping for cooler air.

When we arrived, all ten of my cousins ran out to greet us. We were all so excited, it was so much fun to visit them.

An hour after we arrived, I had pulled off my pretty white shoes and socks. I was running around barefoot like everyone else. We entertained ourselves, playing jump rope, chase, hide-n-seek, hop scotch and kick the can.

I would chase the chickens and ducks and try to hold them for as long as they would allow. We went to see the pigs roll around in the mud and they tried to teach me to milk the cow. I'll admit I didn't have much success and the cow scared me with her big eyes looking back at me.

By now, my feet and legs were the same color as the Georgia dirt and my new dress wasn't new anymore.

At nightfall, we ran around chasing fireflys. It was fun watching them turn on their lights. When bedtime came, we were some tired little children.

The next morning we started our journey back home. Again, hanging our heads near the car windows, gasping for cooler air. All the time thinking ….. what a great weekend !

Geri Byrd