Welcome Back Feathered Friends

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Welcome Back Feathered Friends

It’s been unseasonably warm. And Springy. And just all around happy in these parts.

And the robins are back!

My mom and I always celebrate the first spring robin we spot. (My husband likes to make fun of it, but it’s a grand tradition.) Spotting a spring robin totally calls for a phone call and a gleeful thirty minute conversation.

It’s not the bird really. It’s the meaning behind the little red-breasted bird.

You know what it is proof of?

Winter has almost lost it’s grip on us.

(Cue Gospel Choir Singing Hallelujah Chorus)

Things That I Won’t Miss About Winter:

  • Old Messy Snow. (November/December snow is Fantastic. March snow is dreadful.)
  • Dressing 4 Boys in bulky coats, hats, and mittens
  • Unpredictable travel plans.
  • The “Winter Yucks” (Illnesses that seem to pass around November, now.)
  • Twenty-four out of thirty days of cloudiness in a month
  • Dark-colored clothing
  • Cabin fever

What are you most looking forward this spring? What will you miss the least?

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