Welcome to the Single Moms Club, Sandra

by admin

Welcome to the Single Moms Club, Sandra

Now that Sandra Bullock has finalized her divorce from her husband of nearly five years, Jesse James, I’d like to personally “welcome” her, as she raises her adopted son, Louis Bardo Bullock, solo. (He’s adorable!)

Sandra, know that you’re already in the thick of it, with lots of snuggling, toothless smiles, dirty diapers and nighttime feedings. We’re cheering you on.

Motherhood isn’t simple, whether you’re single or married—and surely you’re going to have moments in which you say, “My life was not supposed to look like this.”

No doubt you’d imagined raising little Louis with a life partner. (And THAT kind of man—the one who will adore and cherish you—is likely out there!) In the meantime, if we can give you one bit of advice, it’s this: Love your son, but don’t use him as a security blanket.

Many of us single moms have been there. It’s important to remember YOU as you parent solo. Take bubble baths. Go out with girlfriends. Ask for help. Say “yes” when your neighbors invite you over for dinner.

The ignorant critics have already started to condemn you for adopting an African-American baby on your own. Please do whatever you can to tune out the harsh disapproval.

Please also know this: You have a tribe of single moms who support you. (I don’t mean to creep you out; we’re not stalking you.) We know what it means to parent solo. If you make some mistakes along the way (and you will!), we’ll absolve you. And if you want to open up about how tired you are, we’re listening.

In Single Motherhood We Trust.

Originally published on SingleMomSeeking.com