Were You a Hand-Me-Down-Kid?

by admin

Were You a Hand-Me-Down-Kid?

A photo of mine was taken in 2009 when Georgie was nine years old. The camouflage coat was beginning to become one of those things which only Losers wear. Not cool. Makes me itch. Rather be wet. You know the sort of thing.

Such a good coat I saved it for his wee brother, then aged 2. Hmmmmm. Number two son happens to be of monster proportions. He is destined for the Front Row in the Rugby First eleven. So, here we are, aged soon-to-be-five and wearing the same coat.

Poor Ollie, by virtue of his enormity, has become the hand-me-down kid. On paper, a seven year age gap should have saved him from this indignity, but no. A combination of maternal thrift and plain common sense has led him to this inevitable place.

We have second-hand school uniform. Second hand hats and gloves. Even, in a few cases, second-hand knickers. He never complains. Blissfully unaware of his largeness.

I am considering whether to cease feeding him. I fear that by the time he is 6 he could be actually SHARING his teenage brother’s wardrobe.

Anyone else do the hand-me-down thing? Or were you the victim?

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