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What About Me?

I’ve been a helper and caregiver in a lot of serious ways in my forty-nine years. So about nine years ago, I chose to find out, “What about me?” I chose to divorce and cut loose, to walk away from a life that a lot of people at my age then would strive for. We had just about everything. And an only son that was and is my life!! But I needed more. So I found and got remarried. But that was a ... grass is always greener on the other side? Well, to tell you, not there. I found out the hard way in those years what I had done to my son, and the family that loves me. I am back as a full circle with it. But only to lose the material things that I was lucky to have. Now I don’t collect anything or have anything that I won’t use. Now I know the answer to “what about me” ... I am living the life that I must be meant to have. Happy or not. I am trying to fix the mistakes and problems that I caused! I don’t have the energy to even think of the life I wanted. Just keep my son healthy and happy and safe. Mothering him to pieces.

Thx, Kellie

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