What Am I Worth?

by admin

What Am I Worth?

Now I am plagued by the thought of my self worth. It seems I am not of much value to anyone particularly since our culture is primarily money-oriented, not value-oriented. The opulance and recognition of financial status is constantly feed to us by media outlets, our consumer purchases and entertainments and pastimes that now feature all types of electronic devices.

A 24/7 media barrage of the most newsbreaking events on cataclysmic proportions.Media blitzes on the hour. A million visits to an overnight web sensation. Thousand dollar a plate dinners for your favorite charity or elected official and celebrity roast. And millions of wannabees looking on.

Who am I in the face of all this and where are my fifteen minutes of fame? How mundane of me to think I even matter to anyone beyond my media exposure and celebrity ratings. Playing with Barbie dolls was innocent enough compared to keeping up with the latest haute couture from sixteen-year-old Hannah Montana! Teenagers have enough to cope with without having to measure up to impossible expectations set by the media moguls, million dollar advertising, and personal relations portfolios as well as personal trainers,wardrobe designers, and acting coaches.

Children do not play together. They vie for attention and yearn for the spotlight from very early ages. Pity the agony of the little girl who just is not pretty enough! Or the little boy who just is not athletically stellar in the  sports coaches and promoters eyes. When you gave birth to your precious infant, did the thought of  your child’s economic value ever enter into your mind? Happiness and joy soon turned to the cold reality of navigating through market aisles in a vain attempt to avoid a million ways to sell success and recognition to your child.

Toys, clothes, entertainment; your child is worth a fortune!