What to Ask Before Booking Your Prenatal Spa Appointment

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What to Ask Before Booking Your Prenatal Spa Appointment

As prenatal pampering grows in popularity, many spas are now offering maternity services. However, there are great differences between many spas, and their experience level with pregnant women. To ensure that you are getting the most out of your spa visit, consider asking these important questions. Women that are experiencing high-risk pregnancies should consult with their obstetrician before considering spa services.

Does the massage therapist have a specialty certification in prenatal?

Massage therapists working with pregnant clients should have special training in the physiological adaptations of pregnancy and how this affects their treatment plan. Most therapists get some prenatal training during their initial training program but it’s important to receive additional training. There are many programs that offer specific certifications in prenatal, but we recommend at least a three day training in the last five years. 

How often does the therapist perform prenatal massage?

Even with prenatal training, some spas/therapists may only get a handful or less of prenatal clients. If a therapist hasn’t received special training in more than three years, and/or hasn’t practiced prenatal massage regularly, they may need new certification. Be sure to ask when they were certified and how often the therapist works with prenatal clients.

Should my esthetician (facialist) be specialty certified?

Currently, there are no specialty prenatal programs for estheticians that we know of (aside from the training that Barefoot & Pregnant provides for its own therapists). However, be sure to ask about the therapist’s experience with prenatal clients as pregnancy impacts positioning, treatments (such as waxing), and products.

By Stacy Denney, founder of Barefoot & Pregnant

Photo Courtesy of Barefoot & Pregnant

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