What to Do with All That Leftover Halloween Candy

by admin

What to Do with All That Leftover Halloween Candy

It was fun while it lasted. All those little bites of miniature, sugary goodness everywhere you lookeven tempting me at my ob-gyn’s office when I went in to do my gestational diabetes test, which is just mean, in my opinion.

And now comes the night of all nights when your little ghosts and goblins come home with more grams of sugar and fat than you can count and enough calories to feed a small nation for months. Or you’re left staring at the huge bowl of candy you stocked for all the trick-or-treaters you anticipated … only to find they all go for the warmth and safety of the local mall instead.

In any case, there it sits, tempting you, mocking you and your already-tight jeans. Now is the time to say enough is enough, to have a plan for what to do in the new November light. You must rid your house of the decadence … so you can clear your system out enough to make way for the Christmas cookies that will soon be staring you down.

So what to do with the candy? You could throw it away, but that seems wasteful. Here are a few ideas I’ve encountered over the years:

1. Tell you children after a day or two that if they put the candy in a bag by their bed the Halloween fairy will come and take it and leave in its place a toy that they’ve really been wanting. (Then take said bag to work or ship it off with your husband—everything disappears when left in the lunchroom.)

2. Make a gingerbread house and use the candy for decoration. Be sure to GLUE on the treats, so it’s not just one big edible house.

3. Donate the candy to a shelter.

4. Here’s a recipe for a leftover candy cake, which I’m sure is quite delicious, but you won’t know because you’ll deliver it to a neighbor, local nursing home, or someone else who might need it.

5. You can always freeze it for later … but if you’re like me, you like it even better frozen, so that’s not really that great of an option.

6. Tell your kids you want to do a science experiment. Let them unwrap all of the candy and put it in a big Pyrex dish. Heat your oven and watch it melt into one big glob. They may want to take a bite or two when it’s done, but trust me, it will get old quickly and you can toss the big old thing.

7. Send to the troops overseas. Organizations like OperationAC.com can help.

Photo courtesy of BettyConfidential