What Do You “Fake”?

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What Do You “Fake”?

World-class gymnast Shannon Miller confessed that she fakes confidence. Truu Confessors, tell us: What do YOU fake?

Recently, world-class gymnast Shannon Miller confessed to our friends at Celebrity Baby Scoop that she is nowhere near as confident as she may seem.

Celebrity Baby Scoop asked: If you could make one confession—either about your years as a world-class gymnast or as a new mom (or both!)—what would it be?

SM: “Wow, I guess what most people don’t realize is that I am nowhere near as confident or self assured as I may seem. I was never the popular girl growing up. I didn’t know how to wear makeup or fix my hair. I was intimidated by everything, except being on the balance beam. Sometimes, you have to almost trick yourself into being self-confident. I learned to fake confidence once I walked onto the floor mat in a competition and realized later that I actually felt more confident. Being a new mom, everything is terrifying. You never feel like you have things figured out. So when I get overwhelmed I “fake” being self-assured. When I’m calm my son is calm.”

As a new mom myself (does two years still count as “new?”), I can definitely relate. It also makes me wonder, what else everyone is faking? What kind of “pretending” do you do in your day to day life? Tell us your thoughts!

For the full interview with Shannon Miller, click here!

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