What Do You Mean Cheese on Pizza?

by admin

What Do You Mean Cheese on Pizza?

My sister and I grew up in a great, loving household. My mom however was a very finicky eater and as “head chef” of the family, if she didn’t like it, we didn’t eat it. We grew up on meat and potatoes. There was no such thing as sour cream or cream cheese in our refrigerator, no ooey, gooey mozzarella or anything like that in our household. I don’t even think we knew it existed!

Every Friday night (except during lent of course) was pizza night. My dad would order our pizza and go pick it up. Large pepperoni and mushroom. It never came home with cheese on it so I guess we were none the wiser that it could be ordered that way.

On one particular weeknight a friend of my mother’s was over after work. My dad was working that night so they decided to order pizza for dinner. Pizza? During the week? My sister and I were very excited. Then the unthinkable happened … my mom’s friend yelled out the door to us, “What do you guys want on your pizza, cheese and pepperoni?” My sister and I looked at each other in complete surprise—cheese on pizza? Could that be possible? At the ages of ten and eleven this was a completely new concept to us. Not only did we get a say in the pizza ordering process but now we find out you can have cheese—on your pizza! (Cue the angels singing and the ray of sunshine streaming through the clouds to shed divine light on the situation!)

That was the turning point in our household. From that day on, when Pizza Friday’s came around there were two pizza’s ordered … one small one for my mom, pepperoni and mushroom of course … .and a large one for the rest of us. Although my dad never admitted it, I think he was glad also that we’d discovered the power of cheese!