What Happens When You Have the Best Computer in the House

by admin

What Happens When You Have the Best Computer in the House

When my old laptop's mouse started to go, I finally broke down and bought another one. I didn't want what happened to one of my past laptops, that now sit's frozen, with hundreds of pictures, and the program for Rosetta Stone Spanish, locked inside.

My son and husband constantly compete for the title of Best Techie in our house. My son, who is 13, has grown up with computers and is very good with finding solutions to problems. On the other hand, my husband, who never owned a computer before he met me, is surprisingly good at troubleshooting.

When I decided to buy a new laptop, I gave my son the criteria that needed to be met on my new computer: one that is under $600 and runs faster than my old one. He did the online research, and found an HP for just over $500, Sold! And in less than 10 days, my new laptop arrived at our door.

I let my son set it up, which became a problem when he loaded HIS favorite websites on it, instead of mine. My desktop contains 10+ icons for his programs, and a grand total of 2 for mine. Hmm…something is amiss here.

The problem came when my son loaded one of his video games on my laptop, which he couldn't play on his that he shares with his father. This computer is faster, with better graphics and a huge memory. Just what he needs for a gaming computer. Only it's not his, it's mine.

My son wants to use part of his savings for a custom made, essentially a gaming desk top computer. I agreed that he could use the money for a computer. My thought process was that he needs his own computer for school this fall. His thought process was "Oh, Wow! I can play more video games than before". I'm beginning to regret my choice, but if he doesn't get his own computer, he'll be constantly asking to use mine, as he is doing now. Routinely I wake up in the morning and find my laptop gone. I usually have to wake him up to retrieve it, since I get up earlier than my teenage son. What an oddity, isn't it? Mom gets up before her kid?

So now all I have to do is wait a few more weeks and his own computer will arrive, and he can load it with enough video games to last for a car ride to Florida.

But the one thing I'll miss is that he spends a lot of time with me, in my bedroom, so he can "borrow" my laptop for "a few minutes". I remember well spending time with my mom in her bedroom. It's where we talked about everything under the sun. I like it better than seeing my son only when he's hungry or has to use the bathroom. I hope it doesn't come to this when he gets his own computer.

For now, I have to trust that my son will still want to spend time with me, even when I don't have the most desirable laptop in the house. Computers don't control our lives, but they are a big part of it. Finding the way to integrate them so they don't control us is the key. At least I won't be awakened in the middle of the night when my son sneaks into my bedroom to steal my computer. But I'll miss it a bit, I have to confess!