This Indoor Activity Is 444% More Popular Right Now, According to Pinterest

by Caroline Harris

This Indoor Activity Is 444% More Popular Right Now, According to Pinterest
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Americans are increasingly staying at home to help “flatten the curve” and combat the spread of COVID-19. As Americans shelter in place, they’re getting creative about how to pass the time by turning to activities like baking, reading, yoga and, lately, art therapy. Searches for art therapy activities are up by 444 percent on Pinterest since last month, and there are 2.7 million Instagram posts about art therapy as of this writing. Put simply, art therapy involves the use of artistic forms like painting, sketching, and collaging to improve mental health.


There are many reported cognitive benefits of art therapy. According to Harvard Medical School, art therapy can help reduce stress, encourage relaxation, and improve communication. Art therapy has been shown to boost memory, reasoning, and overall resilience, as well as to alleviate anxiety among people with depression, anxiety, cancer, and dementia.


Making art aids with self-expression and coping, especially during tumultuous times like the COVID-19 outbreak. If you’re curious about art therapy but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these three tips for beginning an art therapy practice at home.


1) Create a vision board.


Vision boards are an artistic tool for mapping out what you want your future to look or feel like, whether that means moving to a cool new city or dating Liam Hemsworth (a girl can dream!). Create a collage of inspiring mantras, quotes, and pictures to hang on your wall. You can use printouts from Pinterest or old magazines as source material. Look at your vision board for a few minutes every day to get inspired.



2) Send a postcard to a loved one.


Social distancing can be tough, especially when you have far-flung friends and family. Let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them by painting or doodling on a postcard to send to them. Postcards have to be a certain thickness to go through the mail, so use some card stock cut to size.


3) Start art journaling.


Journaling is a great way to process everyday emotions. To start art journaling, invest in a sketchbook, some acrylic paints, and gel pens. You can create backgrounds out of scrapbook paper, or you can paint your own background using watercoloring techniques. Then, add layers in the form of writing, stickers, pretty paper, and whatever else you’re feeling.


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my first IGTV video ☺️???????? a little spread about trusting yourself. “we do it every day. abuse our own trust. there is a map on our hearts and we know the way to go. instead, though, we scroll and whine and ask others for the way. some journeys only we know. we sometimes develop this really ugly opinion of ourselves, which often leads to the severe lack of trust. how can you trust a person that you don’t admire? the answer – you don’t. i have a disgustingly low opinion of myself and therefore i look everywhere besides within myself for inspiration. maybe it’s time i let myself inspire ME for once. maybe it’s time I follow that map on my heart. i need to trust myself.” ???? SUPPLIES: decorative papers from @mcnallyjackson. book page from @etsy. washi tape is @mujiusa. pens are from various places, mostly @pilotpenusa and @mcnallyjackson. journal is @archerandolive

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Remember to be patient with yourself and leave perfectionism at the door. You don’t have to share your creations with anyone unless you want to. Art therapy is designed to be relaxing and fun, so don’t worry if your pages don’t turn out exactly as you intended.


Below, we gathered art supplies you can get delivered to your door for painting, doodling, and sketching to your heart’s delight. During your next self-care session, put on some calming music and unleash your inner artist with these can’t-miss picks.


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Watercolor Basic Set


You don’t have to be the next Matisse to enjoy painting. Grab a watercolor set and get to work, using these highly pigmented paints for your artwork. The kit comes with 18 colors and a painted round brush.

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Large Sketchbook


Begin your art journal with this beautiful sketchbook, which contains 176 pages of thick, high-quality paper. The paper is durable enough to support layers of dried flowers, newspaper clippings, and other decorations.

3 of 10 Image Credits: Michaels Stores

Yasutomo Gel Xtreme Metallic Gel Pen Set


Embellish your art projects with these gel pens, which boast a 0.7 mm tip for fine lines and come in seven playful shades. If you’re a student, you can use these pens to add a vibrant flair to your note-taking.

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On the Go Drawing Kit


This charming set has a storage bag, 10 washable markers, a pencil sharpener, and 12 colored pencils. There’s also a 32-page coloring book with some sketches to get you started and give you ideas for what to draw next.

5 of 10 Image Credits: Michaels Stores

Primary Acrylic Paint Value Set by Craft Smart


Acrylic paint sets are going surprisingly fast, but this fun option is still available at Michaels. The kit contains four basic colors: blue, red, white, and black. Create endless color combinations by experimenting with what happens when you mix together different shades.

6 of 10 Image Credits: Saks Fifth Avenue

Workman Publishing Patterns of the Universe Adult Coloring Book


Who says coloring is only for kids? This adult coloring book has abstract silhouettes like roses and snowflakes for you to color in. The next time you’re bored, decompress with some coloring.

7 of 10 Image Credits: Michaels Stores

Yellow, Orange & Pink Print Washi Tape by Recollections


Washi tape is a Japanese solution to looking artsy with little to no effort. You can stick this pretty tape all over your binders, notebooks, and walls for a boost of color. Washi tape is also an inventive way to hang your photos—instead of buying a frame, you can make one out of washi tape to tack to your wall.

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Blush Paper Pad


This designer cardstock includes pops of blue and rose gold foil. There are 24 sheets and 12 designs. You can use the paper for scrapbooking, card making, and creating the vision board you’ve been dreaming of.

9 of 10 Image Credits: Michaels Stores

Large Champagne Glitter Letter Stickers by Recollections


You can use these glitter letter stickers to spell out your name or lyrics to your favorite song. There are 39 stickers in total for adding some shimmer to your art.

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Watercolor Sunset Stationery Set


Now is the perfect time to revive the ancient art of letter-writing. This stationery set contains 30 crisp sheets in sorbet-inspired hues. You can add some stickers for extra flourish, or include drawings and doodles to send to a friend.