What Kids Can and Can’t Bring into School

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What Kids Can and Can’t Bring into School

Don’t start the year off by breaking school rules. Check with the teacher to see whether your child can take these items to class. 

Sweet or Nutty Treats
Don’t rush to make cupcakes for the class: Many districts ban sugary snacks in order to promote healthier eating. And with peanut allergies on the rise, many schools have gone completely nut-free. 

Roller Sneakers
This footwear is on some schools’ leave-’em-at-home list due to the risk factor: The shoes contributed to about 1,600 kids’ ER visits in 2006, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. 

Hand Sanitizer
Most contain alcohol, so you don’t want your kid to decide she’d rather drink the stuff than clean her hands with it. Teachers can’t always monitor when children use hand sanitizer, which has led to school bans. 

Yes, your kid loves them, but school administrators may not share his enthusiasm. Some give Crocs a thumbs-down, since they can easily slip off and injure kids when they run at recess or play games in gym class. 

Rolling Backpacks

Wheeled bags are convenient for adults, but they’re not particularly kid-friendly. Children often struggle to maneuver them through crowded school hallways, and other kids may trip over them. 

By Heather Johnson Durocher (License Agreement) for Parents.com

Source: Parents magazine Copyright: September 2008