What Is Up With Kids on Leashes?

by admin

What Is Up With Kids on Leashes?

I recently came across a photo of actress Milla Jovovich and her daughter/pet; she was leading the child on a leash, which I officially believe is called a “child harness.” Whatever.

Lately, I feel like I’m seeing more and more of them. One weekend, my four-year-old, Sabrina, and I were trolling the aisles of Costco when a kid on a long leash zoomed around me, and I got caught in it. “Mommy! Dogs have those!” Sabrina proclaimed. “Yes, doggies do have leashes!” I answered as this dad glowered at me then had to run (literally, his child was off again).

I realize some kids are hard to control, and leashes may genuinely be necessary for a child’s protection. Otherwise, though, I think it’s wrong to restrain any child this way. Even if you use one of those cute cow leashes Target sells (pet child not included).

Where do you stand on the child leash controversy?